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This Is A Rundown Of The New Faces In Season 5 Of ‘Yellowstone’

Taylor Sheridan’s flagship Neo-Western series Yellowstone has a lot of new faces in its fifth season. In season 5, the fight for Paradise Valley is coming to a head as John Dutton solidifies his family’s political power by becoming governor of Montana. Sheridan brings in a few new people who could be very important to how the Duttons and their ranch end up in the end. This makes the stakes even higher.

In fact, Market Equities, a group of real estate developers backed by billionaires who are calling in help from New York, is the biggest threat the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch has ever faced. In Yellowstone season 5, now that John Dutton is governor, there are also some new people at the ranch. Here’s what viewers need to know about the season 5 cast of Yellowstone and their roles in what could be the last season of the show.

Lainey Wilson Plays Abby, A New-in-town Pianist Who Attracts A Ranch Hand

Wilson, who was no stranger to the show before she joined the cast, as her song had previously been included in an episode, made her debut in the first season five, shortly after winning multiple awards at the Country Music Association.

She plays a recently arrived singer who leaves quite an impression on one of the Yellowstone ranch hands, particularly at the governor ball that John (Kevin Costner) throws. In a behind-the-scenes video uploaded on YouTube, Wilson revealed the following about her character’s encounter with Ryan (played by Ian Bohen): “There’s immediate intrigue, immediate desire.”

Bohen added: “That is where we will start with the, “Hey, it’s great to get to meet you finally. I like you. I look forward to our next encounter.”

Abby finally told Beth (Kelly Reilly) that she would never date a cowboy because she doesn’t want to play second fiddle to the rancher life, and fans perceived this as a strong statement. However, the path of love may not run as smoothly as Ryan expects it will because of this.

Dawn Olivieri Plays Sarah Atwood, A New Tough Opponent For The Duttons

In the show’s first two hours, viewers witnessed Sarah’s arrival in Montana in her new role as a counsellor for Market Equities. She is working closely with Caroline Warner, played by Jacki Weaver, and her real estate company as they continue their tenacious fight to purchase the Yellowstone ranch’s land by any means necessary.

It is immediately apparent that Sarah is their answer to Beth because of her calm confidence and ability to put a Market Equities staffer in his place when he ogles her. In a later episode, the two sharp-witted ladies will have a debate with each other, and we can’t wait to watch it!

It is anyone’s guess as to what Sarah will be up to this season; however, she has already set her sights on Jamie (Wes Bentley) as a possible weak link in the Dutton family.

Olivieri may look familiar to viewers because she played Clare Dutton, the sister of James Dutton, the ancestor of the Dutton family, in the “Yellowstone” prequel series “1883.” Tim McGraw portrayed James Dutton in “1883.” In addition to that, she has appeared on the television shows “SEAL Team,” “The Vampire Diaries,” and “Heroes.”

Lilli Kay Plays John Dutton’s Assistant, Clara Brewer

This season, John also has a new member of his team fighting on his side in the form of Clara, who will be serving as his new assistant. However, based on what we know of her so far, we do not believe that she will engage in underhanded tactics as Sarah did; however, we are open to the possibility that we are wrong.

yellowstone season 5 characters
Yellowstone season 5 characters

Clara is accustomed to the world of politics due to her position as a staffer in the governor’s office; however, we can imagine that working for John will present some challenges and a learning curve for her. The audience has already witnessed that the Dutton patriarch is not one for adhering to the rules. He has already fired his chief of staff and given the position to his daughter Beth, so it is clear that he is not one for following the rules.

Kay’s acting career didn’t get off the ground until a few years ago when she made her debut in the television movie “Paterno.” Since then, she has appeared in recurrent roles in “Chambers” and “Your Honor” episodes.


Kai Caster Plays Rowdy, A Cowboy In Rip And Beth’s History

Rowdy is the cowboy who appears in the flashbacks of Rip and Beth’s first date, but he is not mentioned by name in the pilot episode of the new season, so it is possible that you did not notice him there.

The same evening, he is observed getting ready for a night out on the town, and he meets Rip after a date with another person goes poorly. Before letting the young man drive his truck back to the ranch, he gives him some advice. “If she’s bucking this hard from the beginning, the smartest thing you can do is just jump off,” he says. “Just jump off.”

Caster has been a consistent face on television for a good number of years. He first appeared on T.V. in the 2007 film “Backyards & Bullets” when he was just eight years old. In more recent years, he has appeared in a number of television shows, including “Shameless,” “American Horror Story,” and “Magnum P.I.”

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