yara plastic surgery
yara plastic surgery

Yara Plastic Surgery: Is She Has Undergone Rhinoplasty?

After being on the reality TV show 90 Day Fiance, Yara Zaya became well-known. Back in 2014, she was on the show. After that, she appeared on other shows based on that. The love story of Yara and Jovi Dufrene is beautiful. The two met through a dating app.

Before they met in Budapest, they talked on the phone for a while. After dating for a time, they decided to get married, so Yara went to America to be with him. After the season was over, the two decided to get married. They are happy and have a beautiful daughter now that they are married. But Yara Zaya’s new surgery has surprised her fans recently. Keep reading to find out more.

Yara Zaya Talks About Her Plastic Surgery On 90-Day Fiance

Yara Zaya is a sweet, simple girl who now has a wonderful family. But she cares a lot about her health. Yara felt terrible about her body after she had her baby, especially her breasts. She had just had surgery to make her breasts bigger to get back in shape.

The beautiful Ukrainian woman has a lot on her plate right now. The famous star discussed her surgery on social media over the weekend. Angela Deem’s weight loss surgery was also done by Dr. Obeng, who also shared her interview on his social media page after the plastic surgery.


Yara has regained her self-assurance and is pleased with her choice, despite many people disapproving of her will. The star of “90 Day Fiance” responded to a question from a fan on social media earlier this week by telling them that she doesn’t care what other people think of her.

She is the one who breastfed her baby for the entirety of the first 17 months of her life, and she takes a great deal of pride in that fact. She continued by saying, “I get like breast lift and implants because, as you guys know, I nursed for 17 months straight,” which was the next part of her remark. She even admitted that she was in desperate need of assistance. Yara was so happy with the results of her latest operation that she even praised the surgeon.

90-Day Fiance: Fans Trolled Yara Zaya After Her Surgery

Even though Yara is pleased with her appearance and has gained a lot of self-assurance due to her surgery, some of her followers are still upset about it. Yara was mocked in the past because people thought she had false breasts and hips. In the year 2021, followers of hers asserted that she had silicone implants. Yara never confessed guilt to the allegation, although she acknowledged that she had one particular operation.

Yara plastic surgery

Despite this, she said she had several fillers on her lips. In addition to that, Yara has worked on both her nose and her chin. During her conversation with the physician, the reality television star said that she did not give a damn about what other people thought of her. In addition, the young mother is content to be with her child and is attentive to her company’s needs. In the meantime, the surgeon admitted that performing the plastic surgery on her was not a simple task. It lasted for three hours.

Yara Confirms She Got A B**b Job

Although some fans have recently been aware that Yara is interested in getting a breast augmentation, she has already gone through with the procedure. She clarified the operation at the beginning of August by providing specifics about the process.

During a question-and-answer session on Instagram, she responded to a supporter who stated, “It makes me so upset that people were talking terrible about you when you announced your surgery.” On the other hand, Yara doesn’t appear to be too phased by the criticism she receives.

Yara said she knew she would “get judged,” adding:

You know guys, no matter what I do I get judged so often. And I breastfed my child for 17 months. If not that, I wouldn’t do it, but I did it and I’m happy that I did it. And if I will care [what] everybody think about me, I will get friggin’ crazy.

When another fan asked what work she was getting done, Yara tagged Dr. Michael K. Obeng, the same plastic surgeon who worked on Angela Deem, and said, “I feel confident again.”

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She Has Undergone Rhinoplasty

Yara has had surgery before, but this is the first time she’s had her breasts changed. She said in 2021 that she had a nose job, and she has also said in the past that she had filler put in her pout.

On April 11 of that year, Yara spoke up during a debate between the wives of 90 Day Fiance. She said she didn’t see anything wrong with plastic surgery, had gotten a nose job, and had been calling her lips done four years before.

She said:

If somebody don’t like something on themselves, change it. Yes, you need to love yourself the way you are, but if you can’t accept something, it’s okay to change it, we are living in 2021. I had an issue, my nose is a potato, so let me do something to that.

Julia told her that if a man loves you, that’s “perfect” and that you don’t need surgery to change. This made her disagree with Julia. Yara may have said that she had a nose job in 2014.

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