World Pro Game: Which Game Is Number 1 In The World?

World Pro Game
World Pro Game
Games are an Addiction at this time. About 60 percent of smartphone users play games on smart devices. the current gaming business is top of the class. The gaming sector is expanding at a rate unmatched by any other. gaming is on fire due to the Latest strong smartphones.

What do you believe is the No 1 Pro Game in the world? Many people are curious about the world’s most popular professional video game in this age of growing video game popularity. Among various games accessible, the No 1 Pro Game in the globe is Garena Free Fire.

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That has now migrated to esports. PUBG and Pro Games/free fire games share the title of the most downloaded game worldwide, however, they take place in a separate environment.

It’s no surprise that Garena Free Fire, the most popular game on Google Play, is ranked as the world’s top professional game. Let’s check more about the No 1 Pro Game in the globe.

What is No 1 Pro Game in the world?

Garena’s Free Fire holds the title of World’s No. 1 Pro Game despite the plenty of competition. Garena’s Free Fire features a large island with a limited amount of players. PUBG and Fortnite are the primary rivals of Garena’s Free Fire. As a result of Free Fire’s emphasis on mobile usability, it has enjoyed enormous popularity in Southeast Asia, India, and Latin America. On a mobile device with 1GB of RAM, Free Fire may be used.

On the other side, PUBG Mobile requires 2GB, while Fortnite needs 3GB. Garena Free Fire, which boasts 450 million worldwide users, has now made the transition to esports. There is a slew of competitions taking place throughout the globe right now. What is most astonishing of all is that players invest hours and hours in Free Fire boot camps for practice in their pursuit to become pro-Free Fire players.

Garena Free Fire

111 Dot Studio’s Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royale game. It has a global user base of over 600 million people. It has 80 million daily active users. It’s primarily designed for mobile devices, and it can easily be played on a phone with 1 GB of RAM.
free Fire
Up to 50 players will take part in this game, which entails them parachuting into an island in search of weapons and other types of equipment that will aid in the killing of the enemy. Players may customize their weapons and supplies to make Booyah. The graphics in this game are stunning, and the voice chat is excellent. If you want to download this game on your phone, go to the link below.

World No 1 Pro Games – PUBG, Fortnite, And More

Garena Free Fire:

Garena Free Fire is one of the top games in the Battle Royale genre right now. Millions of people throughout the world are enamored with the game, and it has a devoted following. The game’s ever-growing popularity has also encouraged many top Indian players to participate in national and international Free Fire competitions to test their platform’s mettle.

PUBG Mobile:

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games internationally with over 100M+ downloads on Google Playstore.

Millions of people throughout the globe are enthralled by the game, which has a particularly large fanbase in India due to its groundbreaking visual effects. The most tempting part about this game is that it is free on mobile right now. This makes PUBG accessible to a broad populace.


Fortnite debuted in 2017. Fortnite’s vivid colors, addictive dancing emotes, and in-game cash are among the game’s most enticing features. Fortnite game is separated into three major modes – Save The World, Battle Royale, and Creative. Fortnite is a 100-player, last-man-standing video game that is obsessed over by rappers and athletes and highly discussed in high-school cafeterias.

Most Popular Battle Royal Video Game

  • BGMI mobile
  • Pubg mobile
  • free fire game
  • Fortnite game
  • Call of duty mobile
  • rules of survival
  • Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival
  • Knives out
  • Apex Legends

This was the current game list. But now it has begun shifting. This is because Pubg Mobile was removed from the list of 118 applications that were allowed. Following this initial surge in popularity, a slew of new titles has entered the mix. List of 2021’s top noob games in the world

The World’s Most Downloaded Pro Game.

on behalf of internet research In the previous year, the game Among-us was the most downloaded in the world.
all-time most downloaded games list
  • Minecraft
  • subway surfer
  • Ludo king
  • candy crush
  • free fire
  • temple run
  • among us
  • Pokemon
The list is very huge however all those games are the top downloaded games worldwide.

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