Woody Harrelson Responds To A Photo Of A Baby Girl Resembling Him
Woody Harrelson Responds To A Photo Of A Baby Girl Resembling Him

Woody Harrelson Responds To A Photo Of A Baby Girl Resembling Him

When a newborn is born, people first notice whether or not it resembles its biological parents. Twitter went into overdrive after a mother in Northern Ireland asked why her baby girl looked so much like Woody Harrelson on social media.

The same day, Dani Grier Mulvenna tweeted a picture of her baby girl, Cora, smiling next to a screenshot of Woody Harrelson laughing in the movie “Zombieland.” Woody Harrelson, wrote, “OK, but how does our daughter resemble him?”

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Over 483,000 likes, 2,670 quotations, and 26,6000 retweets were generated in just two days for that tweet. The responses were diverse and amusing, with a wide range of topics. But Woody Harrelson’s response was the one that grabbed the show: an Emmy Award-winning & three-time Oscar nominee.


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He not only saw the post and responded, but he also wrote an “Ode to Cora. You’re a wonderful little girl, and I’m so happy to have you as a friend, “he added in his note. Your grin is beautiful, and I’d want to have your hair.

‘It’s not every day Woddy Harrelson writes your daughter a poem,’ Mulvenna tweeted after her original post went viral. As well as thanking her followers for their likes and retweeting her, “Cora admits she doesn’t always look like Woody Harrelson, but when she does… she really does,” as a follow-up to her initial tweet.

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