Willie Spence
Willie Spence

Tribute To Late Runner-up Willie Spence On American Idol

The American Idol family is still getting over the death of Willie Spence, who was the runner-up in season 19. For those who might not have heard, the singer died on October 12. It is thought that he died in Tennessee after being in a car accident.

Local news sources say that Willie Spence, who came in second place on American Idol, died in a car accident in Tennessee. Even though not all of the details of the car accident have been made public, it has been said that Spence was severely hurt in the crash and that everyone tried to save him.

Since the news of his sudden death, many former American Idol contestants have taken to social media to talk about how much they loved the 23-year-old. Above all, the show has given the singer and his family a beautiful message.

The show wrote, “We are heartbroken that our beloved American Idol family member Willie Spence has died.” “He was a real talent who brightened every room he walked into. He will be sorely missed.” We’re sorry for his family and friends.”

Instagram Stories Tribute Willie Spence

Spence’s performance on American Idol was one of the best. His beautiful voice made him a fan favourite, and he was on the way to success after the show. Since his death was so sudden, many people were shocked when they heard about it.


Katharine McPhee, who won season 5 of American Idol, is one of the people paying tribute to the late musician. As soon as the singer heard that Spence had died, she posted a sad message on her Instagram story.

I heard some terrible news tonight. A car accident killed Sweet Willie Spence. She is only 23. Life is so unfair, and you can never count on anything. God rest your soul Willie. “I enjoyed singing with you and getting to know you,” she wrote. After her tribute, she posted Spence’s last Instagram video to her story, saying, “He posted this right before his accident.”

Hunter Metts, also on Season 19, wrote about Spence in his story. The other singer in the Top 7 wrote, “I can’t believe it. One of the kindest and most beautiful people I’ve ever met. Emyrson Flora, a star from Season 20, also posted a video of Spence and wrote, “Life is so short. Rest in peace, my brother.” Thank you for being so kind and giving the world your amazing talent.”

The great singer also wrote, “I don’t know what to say; my heart is broken. Thankful for the time we spent together and the things we did. “Rest in peace, Willie,” Spence wrote in his last Instagram post. People from Season 19 can also be seen in the comments section.

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American Idol is like a family, so it wasn’t surprising that the other Top 4 contestants from season 19 posted about Spence’s death. Casey Bishop put a message about Spence on her main feed. Since they were both in the Top 4 of the season, it wasn’t surprising to see such a heartfelt message on her account.

“Willie was so kind, gentle, funny, generous, and talented, and so many people loved him,” she wrote. “His energy was so beautiful and infectious that everyone who met him loved him. “Willie, I love you so much, and so do a lot of other people.”

The singer said she was utterly shocked at the end of her statement. After Bishop’s touching post, Chayce Beckham and Grace Kinstler used their Instagram stories to discuss Spence’s death. The season’s winner wrote, “Love you brother” over a video of him and Spence and “Rest in Peace King” over a video of Spence singing on American Idol.


Beckham also said, “You always tell the truth when you sing. Thank you for telling everyone about it. I’m going to miss you,” Spence wrote in his last post. Kinstler later posted about her tribute on her feed and her Instagram Story.

“Thank you for your heart and for reminding us all that being real and giving it your all the time is the most refreshing thing,” she wrote. “I will miss your laugh, the face you made when you didn’t like something or felt uncomfortable, and most of all, the smiles you put on everyone’s face and heart when you walked into a room.”

She also shared the post on her Instagram Story with the words, “Rest in peace, Willie. Thank you for being my friend. I love you so much.”

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