willie spence net worth
willie spence net worth

Willie Spence Net Worth 2022: How Rich was the Singer At The Time of His Death?

Willie Spence was an Instagram star who started his career in social media but soon entered mainstream media through his talent. Spence was the performer who stunned the audiences with his version of Rihanna’s famous song, “Diamonds”. Willie Spence’s net worth slowly started taking shape with the gradual popularity of the star.

He has seen his fair share of fame and Willie Spence’s net worth helped him to invest more in his talent. Sadly, Spence died in 2022 without getting the chance to fulfill every dream and wish he had. After his death, fans are severely disheartened. So, in this article, we will be talking about Willie Spence’s net worth, lifestyle, and career until his last breath.

Willie Spence’s Net Worth At the Time of his Death

In such a short span of his life, Willie Spence’s net worth was a considerable figure and he had made the most of his opportunities. As estimated in 2022, Willie Spence’s net worth was $1 million. Though he didn’t have any heavy investments, he used to make enough money to lead his passion to succeed.

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Willie Spence’s Early Life

Willie Spence had quite a simple life since he was born in West Palm Beach, Florida on 18th June 1999. His parents Willie Spencer Sr. and Sharon Spence never stopped him from exploring his musical interests. In fact, Willie Spence’s net worth may not have been what he wanted as a child but his parents never did anything other than support his dreams. Moreover, Willie’s mother once said to WALB News 10 that she started making Willie familiar with singing even when he was inside her womb. She used to sing to him and always believed that Willie would turn out to have a successful career in music.


Spence grew up most of his days as a child in Douglas, George. His knack for singing was noticed way early in his life. The singer started showing talent in singing when he was only three years old. He soon joined his grandfather’s church located in Florida to sing his heart out. But as he matured, he was sure about his love for singing and wanted to continue his passion. He still continued studying and went to Florida State University. It was just a primary stage of Willie Spence’s net worth.

Willie Spence’s Career

Willie believed in his talent and started uploading multiple song covers on various social media platforms. He continued it simultaneously with studying, however, what initially introduced him to fame was his viral cover of Rihanna’s song, “Diamonds” back in 2015. It went totally viral and gathered a huge number of views, more than 15 million. Through his viral cover, he got quite a huge amount of attention. He was also invited to make an appearance on the popular talk show Steve.


Willie Spence’s net worth was on the stage of its formation and he didn’t want to miss any chance. The viral star auditioned for “American Idol Season 19” in the year 2021. After getting strong approval from the judges, he was selected for the signing competition. With him climbing up the ladder of success, Willie Spence’s net worth was also soaring high. Willie was the top two contestant in “American Idol Season 19”, however, he lost to Chayce Beckham.

His spirit was high and he focused on making original songs. Willie’s first official music video, “Never Be Alone” debuted on 22nd May 2021 and had more than 274k views. He then came out with the debut EP “The Voice” under the Red Agency Records Label on 2nd April 2021. Willie Spence’s net worth and fame also came from his Instagram following. He had 507k followers with only 414 posts and even before he died, he actually uploaded a video of him singing. It is a very heartbreaking moment for the fans and families of such a sad incident. 

Willie Spence’s Personal Life

Willie Spence’s net worth was always his primary focus. The 23-year-old singer wasn’t dating anyone and was not even married. He was fully dedicating his time to creating a musical empire for himself. So, there was no one special in Willie’s life.

Willie Spence’s Death

It is really heavy on the fans’ and families’ hearts to see someone lose their life when they have a long to live. On 11th October 2022, Willie met with a severe car crash. He was riding his Jeep Cherokee and it went straight and crashed into a tractor-trailer. He was dead due to multisystem trauma caused by the accident as stated by Marion County medical examiner Barbara O’Neal. Willie Spence’s net worth was just taking a positive turn before this unexpected change of events happened.

willie spence
willie spence

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