Why Tamilrockers is blocked in India.


You heard it right, since 16th March 2020, Tamilrockers are blocked on Google to be searched by millions every day, after the arrest of 5 administrators of the domain in Chennai, India.

Police have arrested these men against a charge sheet of uploading pirated South Indian Movies on their websites such as Tamilrockers.com, tamilrockers.ac, tamilrockers.me, tamilrockers.co, tamilrockers.is, and other websites owned and co-owned by Tamil Rockers. There are in-total 19 such domain, owned by Prabhu who is the owner and the prime accused in this piracy case.

This case came into highlight when antipiracy cell had tracked down an email from a Haryana based ad agency, who has sent an email to Akhil (arrested in a similar case in 2016).

As per the reports presented by antipiracy cell, the email substantially mentions about the ties with Tamilrockers. In the email from the ad company to Akhil, it was mentioned about an offer to publish the ads on the websites he was running. After investigating further, this ad company has given more information about the Tamilrockers to the antipiracy cell, as per the statement given by SP Prasanthan to The News Minute.

Tamilrockers were not alone, they were working in teams and with other such domains like DVD rockers, who are having 19 domains for uploading allegedly new films in case the police block one site. All the members are well technically qualified which includes MSc and BSc holders in Computer Science.

How this kind of Piracy is being done in so much advanced world, without getting traced for so long time?

It’s a quite outdated way of doing things like this which the team has employed, but a very well position work performed by these highly trained gang members. They usually record the movies in pieces from various parts of the world and join them with the help of some good video editing tools. After they stitch the entire movie in one piece, they release them on the various domain owned by them.

Who are these people (Gang members)?

Karthi (Native of Villupuram), his accomplice Suresh, Prabhu (the owner of TNRockers domain), Johnson (the owner of DVD Rockers and a native to Tirunelveli and his accomplice Maria John.

What kind of earning is involved in these kinds of wrongdoing?

It is quite prevalent that all these under-the-sleeve crimes fetch very good money illegally, but how much a person or a team can earn from such things?

As per the reports this Tamilrocker gang has made close to Crore in just last few months by illegally releasing new movies on their websites.

As per the Police and antipiracy cell’s SP B.K. Prasanthan Kani, they are still trying to locate more gang members like Karthi’s brothers.

There are n-number of movies which were released illegally on Tamilrockers different domains recently: Zero, 2.0, Maari 2, Simmba, Aquaman.

Tamilrockers team operate and contributors from all over the world, they are sort of becoming outlaws and being notorious from quite some time now.

After blocking various illegal websites (close to 12,000) in Dec 2019 in India, The filmmakers of Rajinikanth’s blockbuster movie urged Madras High Court to block all illegal websites including Tamilrockers, just before the launch of the movie.

After the block was imposed, these crime masters had rested for a while, but soon after that, they start another web domain with the same kind of offerings to continue the business. It is quite challenging for a law imposing authorities to track down these people and stop whatever they are up to. There are like 2000 suspected websites ran by Tamilrockers.

As per the informants, these leaked movie clips are mainly sourced from Malaysia where the movies are either recorded on phone or arranged somehow from post-production labs.

You must have realised now that the war is not against an individual for Piracy, the company like Tamilrockers are not run by one person alone or an entity.

There are so many anonymous people behind this wholesome crime. All the websites like this are hosted on proxy servers which are either located in Ukraine or Russia, which make them immune due to its legal complications.

And it seems to be a never-ending war and even if the Cyber Crime team acts fast on these blocks, soon after that, few new web domains resurface as it hardly takes a few minutes to create another proxy URL for these proxy sites.

To stop the piracy eventually, it’s WE who have to act diligently and stop using any pirated media on any kind of such proxy sites.

We have to take this law enforcement on a personal level to defeat these criminals, who are eating away somebody else’s hard-earned money.

And if we use these websites for our mere entertainment, we are becoming a part of the crime. The question today is not about how to stop these piracy sites, rather how should we stop our urge to be a part of such criminal act of watching free pirated media.

To end this war, we need to consume only subscription-based media from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Alt Balaji, etc. After reading this, I believe you can take a pledge of being a responsible citizen, rather than being a partner of piracy crimes.


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