Why Did William Shatner Call Space a Funeral
Why Did William Shatner Call Space a Funeral

Why Did William Shatner Call Space a Funeral? Is He an official Astronaut?

A 90-year-old William Shatner became the oldest living person to fly in space. He called space a funeral for him. He wrote all about his space experience in his book Boldly Go: Reflections on a Life of Awe and Wonder.

William Shatner is a Canadian actor born on March 22, 1931. Shatner began his screen acting career in Canadian films and television productions. In all the episodes of Star Trek, he appeared as James Kirk. He is a longtime U.S. resident and has a green card. 

Why Did William Shatner call Space a Funeral?

A 90-year-old William Shatner became the oldest living person to fly in space. He flew out in a blue-origin spacecraft owned by Jeff Bezos. In his new book, Shatner wrote that the trip felt like a funeral. 

He said: “I love the mystery of the Universe”. I love all the questions that have come to us over thousands of years of exploration. But when I looked in the opposite direction, into space there was no mystery, no majestic. All I saw was death. He said that the voyage kindled in him a newfound appreciation for the beauty of Earth. But in Space William discovered that beauty is not out there it’s down there on Earth.

He said: “I had thought that going into space would be the ultimate catharsis of that connection I had been looking for between all living things–that being up there would be the next beautiful step to understanding the harmony of the universe.

He said: Every day we are confronted with the knowledge of the destruction of Earth. The extinction of animal species of flora and fauna. Things took five million years to evolve and after some time suddenly we will never see them again. Because of the interference of mankind. It filled me with dread. 

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At last, he said: “My trip to space was supposed to be a celebration, instead it felt like a funeral. 

How much did William Shatner have to Pay to go to Space?

For a trip on Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Two and Blue Origin’s New Shepard, seats typically cost $250,000 to $500,000. McAlister says, this is a fifteen-minute ride and they just touch the edge of the space and then came back down. They don’t go into orbit.

Is William Shatner an official Astronaut?

In October William Shatner’s flight into space officially made the star an astronaut. The US Federal Aviation has officially designated William Shatner as an astronaut and a one-hour special documentary was released on amazon prime video. This video is all about Shatner’s journey into space. You can see how Shatner and Blue Origin prepared for the flight.

Check out the release trailer:

What’s the Experience of Shatner in Space?

He said, my own family goes on the rides at the amusement park and I don’t need to go on that. I don’t need a ride up to give me a thrill. But when it was time to go to space, I thought “What the Hell, I have got this opportunity and why not go through with this experience?”

I was so besotted by what happened on that flight. It moved me to tears, so much so that. I couldn’t control my emotions for 15 to 20 minutes.

Shatner said, “I saw the spaceship coming through the blue, and an instant later it was through the blue; this bullet exploded into the blackness of space, so in that instant, I saw the blue suddenly disappear, and suddenly space is stacked up in my face. I saw death there. 

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