Who Was Halyna Hutchins, And What Cause Of Her Death
Who Was Halyna Hutchins, And What Cause Of Her Death

Who Was Halyna Hutchins, And What Cause Of Her Death?

On set, Alec Baldwin’s gun went off and killed Halyna Hutchins. The movie will go back into production in January after Mr. Baldwin and the other producers reached a deal. The family of Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer who died after Alec Baldwin shot her on the set of the movie “Rust” last year, has settled its wrongful-death lawsuit against the movie’s producers, including Mr. Baldwin, lawyers for the parties said on Wednesday.

The film will start making again in January, and Ms. Hutchins’s husband, Matthew Hutchins, will be the executive producer, according to the terms of the settlement. Joel Souza, who made the movie in the first place, will direct it.

Ms. Hutchins died when Mr. Baldwin was practicing with a gun that he had been told wasn’t loaded with real bullets. The gun went off, hitting both Ms. Hutchins and Mr. Souza, who was hurt. The Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office recently said that up to four people could be charged with a crime.

The suit was filed in February by Ms. Hutchins’s husband, her young son, and the person in charge of her estate. It accused Mr. Baldwin and the other defendants of being careless and trying to save money in ways that put the crew in danger, like not doing basic safety checks or following gun safety rules.

“Rust” will start shooting again in January 2023 with all of the original main actors, Mr. Hutchins said in a statement about the settlement that was released by his lawyer. He also said, “I’m glad that the producers and people in the entertainment industry have come together to honor Halyna’s last work.”

On Oct. 21, 2021, Ms. Hutchins, who was 42 years old, was shot and killed while Mr. Baldwin practiced drawing an old-fashioned revolver from a shoulder holster. In a TV interview last year, Mr. Baldwin said that he was not to blame for the fatal shooting because he did not pull the trigger of the gun when it fired a live round.

Crew members have also filed other civil lawsuits against the production, and the Santa Fe County District Attorney’s Office recently asked for more money to cover costs if charges are brought, which could lead to a number of high-profile trials.

In its request for money, the office said that Mr. Baldwin and up to three other people could be charged with crimes if prosecutors thought it was necessary. No one knows why there were real bullets on the set of the movie or how at least one of them got into the gun that Mr. Baldwin was holding.

Lawyers for Mr. Hutchins said that they would not say anything else about the settlement. In addition to the production company and Mr. Baldwin, the original lawsuit also named Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the film’s armorer, Dave Halls, the first assistant director, and Seth Kenney, who supplied guns and ammunition for the film.

Who Was Halyna Hutchins, And What Cause Of Her Death
Who Was Halyna Hutchins, And What Cause Of Her Death

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But Mr. Hutchins’ lawyers wouldn’t say if they were part of the settlement or if Mr. Baldwin will play his original character, Harland Rust, when production starts up again. Luke Nikas, an attorney for Mr. Baldwin, said, “Throughout this hard process, everyone has wanted to do what is best for Halyna’s son. We are grateful to everyone who helped get this sad and painful situation under control.”

Melina Spadone, an attorney for Rust Movie Productions, said that the resolution “marks a big step forward in honoring Halyna’s life and her work.”

In a statement, Ms. Gutierrez-lawyer, Reed’s Jason Bowles, said that his client was glad that the settlement would help the Hutchins family and that they were “hoping that the district attorney’s office will also see that a measure of justice has been done in this tragic accident and decide not to pursue criminal charges.” Mr. Bowles said he wasn’t sure if his client would be affected if the settled lawsuit was thrown out.

Heather Brewer, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, said in a statement on Wednesday that the settlement had nothing to do with whether or not the office would file criminal charges. “Criminal charges will be brought if the facts and evidence show that New Mexico law requires it,” she said. “Nobody is better than the law.”

In “Rust,” which takes place in late 19th-century Kansas, Alec Baldwin plays an old outlaw who is trying to help his teenage grandson avoid being hanged for killing a local rancher by accident. In the scene Mr. Baldwin was rehearsing when the gun went off, the police had surrounded his character in a small wooden church, and he decided to shoot his way out.

In an interview with TV last year, Mr. Baldwin said, “Someone is to blame for what happened. I can’t say who, but I know it’s not me.” That made Mr. Hutchins angry, and in a later TV interview, he said, “The idea that the person holding the gun and making it go off is not responsible is crazy to me.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mr. Hutchins said that he had “no interest in recriminations or assigning blame” to Mr. Baldwin or any other producer. The statement said, “We all think Halyna’s death was a terrible accident.”

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