Why Is Yung Filly Trending? Twitter Erupts With Memes After TikTok Users Call Out YouTuber

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Some people on Twitter have made jokes about him. This time, a celebrity canceled on everything because they didn’t do anything wrong. The protagonist found another jam after escaping one. Enter the internet memes.

Why Is Yung Filly Trending?

She laughs at him because he is whining. The TikTok has been watched one million times. You can’t see the video on her TikTok account now. People have not been kind to Mei’s Tweets about the creator of TikTok. Emily seems to not care about the bad comments people have said. She likes them.

Many people shared stories that were similar. One person said ‘I just had a little gathering with my friends in this comment section.’

On Twitter, you can _____.

People are still making jokes about Emily. They think she is someone who makes dinner.

Who Is Yung Filly?

Yung Filly is a YouTuber and musician. Yung Filly was born in August 1995. This person can make videos that other people watch. There are currently 710,000 people who have subscribed to his YouTube channel.

His father is Colombian, so Andres Felip Barrientos is Colombian.

Andres best friend is a British YouTuber and musician named Chunkz. Together, they have written songs such as “Clean Up”, which was nominated for a 2012 Grammy.

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