Who Is Nam Laks Of New York's 'Bling Empire? Her Age, Profession, And Wealth Revealed
Who Is Nam Laks Of New York's 'Bling Empire? Her Age, Profession, And Wealth Revealed

Who Is Nam Laks Of New York’s ‘Bling Empire? Her Age, Profession, And Wealth Revealed

You probably already know that Bling Empire’s spinoff, Bling Empire: New York, has completely taken over Netflix. It makes sense, too. Who wouldn’t want to live vicariously through the lives of the very rich by watching a whole TV show about them in one weekend?

The show Bling Empire: New York, which came out on January 20, is about rich Asian Americans who live in New York City.

Nam Laks is one of them. One of her co-stars calls her the “Blair Waldorf of Thailand.” Netflix Tudum says that this former Ivy League student and current socialite and fashionista is “used to getting what she wants.” And her story gets more and more interesting until her family gives her an ultimatum. (More on that later, though.) Read on to learn about her job, age, family, and how much money she has.

Who Are Nam’s Parents And Siblings? What Do They Do?

The viewers of the show are told that she hails from a well-known family in Thailand, but they are not given any further information about her background. According to an article that was published in Lifestyle Asia, she came from a wealthy business family and is the youngest daughter of three children that belong to Thai billionaire Nakorn Laksanakarn.

According to TheCinemaholic, Laksanakarn used to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Natural Park Public Company Limited, which is a real estate developer in Bangkok. According to TheCinemaholic, she has two older brothers whose names are Nick and Nino. According to TheCinemaholic, the net worth of her family is somewhere over $100 million.

How old is Nam?

Some IG detective work revealed that Nam is 28 years old, and her birthday is on or around February 9th. She is shown here celebrating her birthday in 2021 by consuming a donut that has gold flakes sprinkled on top of it, because, of course.

She Went To School Where?

According to Facebook, Nam received her early education at Woldingham School, Harrow International School, and International School Bangkok while she was growing up in the United Kingdom.

According to Facebook, Nam received her undergraduate degree from the University of Manchester. Subsequently, she attended Columbia University in New York City and received a Master’s degree from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at the Teachers College in 2022. (At the time of filming, she was reportedly still enrolled in school, as stated by Lifestyle Asia.)

While she was still residing in New York, her father insisted that she complete the requirements for this degree; otherwise, he threatened to cut off all financial support to her. Report from Refinery29

Who Is Nam Laks Of New York's 'Bling Empire Her Age, Profession, And Wealth Revealed
Who Is Nam Laks Of New York’s ‘Bling Empire Her Age, Profession, And Wealth Revealed

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Nam grew up…a lil spoiled

Things that are considered typical for her include staying at the Latham Hotel, employing the services of a personal stylist for her day-to-day life, and spending as much as $10,000 in a single shopping spree without even looking at the bill, as seen on the show.

After completing her education in New York, Nam is faced with the major decision of deciding whether or not she should move back to her native Thailand. Even though Nam has named New York City her home for the past few years, her family has threatened to cut off all contact with her if she does not relocate back to their hometown. This is probably the case if she does not have a job offer in New York.

According to The Cinemaholic, she made the following statement during the show: “This is one of my dad’s major things, like, he just loves when his children graduate.”

She also referred to herself as “daddy’s little girl,” however she said that her father “doesn’t always spoil me.” There is a whole list of things you can do to make your father agree to your request.

What Does She Do For A Living, And How Does She Get Earned?

It is unknown whether or not Nam is working as an RN, but judging from the outfits she wears, she certainly has a passion for the fashion industry.

According to Reality TitBit, she also mentioned in the second episode of Bling Empire: New York that the “hardest” job she’s ever had was “flipping burgers” at Burger King, which was the only job she’s ever had. On the other hand, her Facebook page claims that she has worked as Cinderella in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but it does not specify the year.

What is Nam’s net worth?

According to Lifestyle Asia, her estimated net worth is only 100,000 dollars, making her the contestant with the smallest fortune among all of those competing. According to The Cinemaholic’s findings, the net worth of the family is somewhere around $100 million.

According to what was said in Lifestyle Asia, it is not apparent whether Nam has her own technique of producing income. According to the site, she is attempting to test the waters of independence and look for the driving force behind her life, but her father is more concerned with seeing that she finds gainful employment.

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