Who is Emily Kohrs? Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth & More
Who is Emily Kohrs? Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth & More

Who is Emily Kohrs? Age, Marital Status, Net Worth And More

The special grand jury that is investigating the allegations that former President Donald Trump attempted to change the results of the presidential election in Georgia in 2020 has recommended many indictments in connection with the investigation.

Emily Kohrs, who served as the forewoman of the grand jury, stated in an interview with the New York Times that the recommendations “are not going to be some major plot twists.”

Kohrs responded:

“It is not a short list,” Kohrs told the outlet. When asked whether Trump, 76, was recommended for indictment,

“You’re not going to be shocked. It’s not rocket science,” before adding, “You won’t be too surprised.”

Since May of last year, the special grand jury has been conducting an investigation, and as part of that investigation, it has issued subpoenas to hundreds of witnesses. These witnesses include Trump’s lawyer and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, as well as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

One of the primary focuses of the investigation is a phone call that Donald Trump placed on January 2, 2021, to Brad Raffensperger, the secretary of state of Georgia. In that call, Trump requested that Raffensperger recalculate the results and “find” 11,780 votes, which would be sufficient to reverse his loss in the state.

Who is Emily Kohrs?

Emily Kohrs, who is 30 years old and a resident of Fulton County, is in the epicenter of one of the most important court actions taking place in the entire country. She had just been laid off from her position when she was unexpectedly chosen to preside over the special grand jury that was chosen to investigate Donald Trump.

The testimony of seventy-five witnesses, including some of Trump’s most prominent allies, was heard by Kohrs and the other jurors in the case. On Thursday of last week, certain passages of the ruling disclosed that the jurors were of the opinion that “one or more witnesses” had lied throughout the trial.

Kohrs does not identify with any particular political party, yet he has more in common with Democrats than with any other party. She finds it more comfortable to take in everyone’s point of view.

“If I chose a political party, it would be the not-crazy party,” she said. Kohrs called herself a “geek about the justice system.”
Who is Emily Kohrs? Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth & More
Who is Emily Kohrs? Wiki, Age, Family, Net Worth & More

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Emily Kohrs Marital Status

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Emily Kohrs Net Worth, Salary

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