David Dobrik Dating
David Dobrik Dating

Who Is David Dobrik Dating In 2022? Also Know His Bond With Singer Natalie Mariduena

David Dobrik, who hails from Slovakia, established a strong online presence on Vine before launching a video blogging channel on YouTube in 2015. David is well-known for being the leader of the popular YouTube group known as The Vlog Squad. The group, which consists of various people from his buddy group and frequently appears in his vlogs, was named after him.

Who Is David Dobrik Dating In 2022?

It does not appear that David Dobrik is involved with anyone romantically at the present. It would appear that he is overburdened with work related to his YouTube channel. Although it would appear that David is not dating anyone at present and is not single, the online celebrity has not confirmed that this is the case.

Liza Koshy is the only person David has ever loved romantically, and she is also a YouTuber. Vine was the starting point for both of their romantic endeavors. They started going out in 2015, but they ended their relationship the following year because they were both so busy.

If his followers are interested in learning more about who he is dating after he has found the one true love of his life, he may disclose her identity to them.

The relationship between David Dobrik and his ex-assistant, Natalie Mariduena!

Natalie Mariduena and David Dobrik have never been together, and they have never said so in public. Fans have thought that these two vlog teams are dating because their podcasts go well together and they get along well. People who listen to podcasts say that Natalie makes David less weird, which can be a good thing.

David and Natalie’s friendship is still strong. Since Natalie was David’s assistant, they think of each other as their best friends. Todd Smith has been seeing Mariduena for a long time. On each of their Instagram accounts, there were romantic photos of the couple together.



David Dobrik and Liza Koshy: Are They Still Together?

During the time that they spent together, they shared videos on each of their respective YouTube channels and chatted about one another on a variety of other social media platforms.

Koshy and Dobrik have been able to monetize their hilarious pranks and off-the-wall comedies thanks, in large part, to the tight-knit circle of pals that they have been able to cultivate throughout their time creating content for the internet.

They decided to conceal their breakup for more than six months after it occurred. The anecdote, however, became popular on social media after it was featured in a film that was seen by a large audience (via YouTube).

Although it is humorous in a way that is typical of Koshy and Dobrik, it is quite evident that the two were extremely upset by the news. They explain in the video that they required a two-hour break to regain their composure and focus.

David Dobrik’s Ex-Wife and His Failed Marriage

David Dobrik married Lorraine Nash, who is the mother of the comedian Jason Nash, in the year 2019. All of this was a joke. After only one month of marriage, the couple decided to split up. Jason said during one of his stand-up shows that he would never be lucky enough to find real love.

Dobrik’s response was pretty quick, as shown by how quickly he asked his bride to marry him and introduced her to his stepfather. After the legal breakup, he wrote a funny essay about it in which he said that when two young people rush into love, things like this are bound to happen.

Who has David Dobrik dated before?

David Dobrik, like many other famous people, wants to keep his personal life and love life a secret, so we’ll keep adding new dating rumors and news to this page. So, don’t forget to check back often.

David Dobrik’s girlfriends: He has been with at least one other person in the past. David Dobrik has never been married before. Liza Koshy was in a relationship with David Dobrik from 2015 until 2018. At the moment, we are trying to find out more about dates and meetings from the past.

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