Who is Ashley Kolfage? Everything You Need to Know About Brian Kolfage Wife

Who is Ashley Kolfage

Trump wants to stop illegal immigrants from coming into America. He started a wall to do this. She arrests for fraud. She took money from the We Build the Wall campaign to make a wall between the United States and Mexico, but she did not do that.

Everything You Need to Know About Ashley Kolfage


Katie got her college degree in 2008. She was born in Texas and went to school at Angelo State University.


She has thought about being a model in the modeling world for years. The mother has become interested in the front of the Maxim magazine to raise money for the Home of Wounded Troops. Likewise, she has tried her hands at a clothing store. Now she runs a clothes store called “Coconut Chic.”

She has collaborated with many other businesses, and she runs her clothing line. Ashley has a job in Hawaii. But she also wants to be an actor. She and her significant other have helped establish the ‘Military Grade Coffee,’ which gives 10% of its revenue to veterans.

How Did Brian Kolfage and Ashley Kolfage Meet

Brian said in an interview that they met before he deploys in Kuwait. He said, after he was injured, she texted him on Facebook. Ashley was a person who works at Chili’s restaurant and helps people.

Ashley Kolfage On Her Husband

She said he is very responsible. This person does not like to ask for help. He has a high opinion of himself. He does not want to ask other people for help. A person may ask if their husband’s disability is like a weight on them.


She identifies as a white woman with an American background. It is unclear what we can find out about her dad, mom, and early life. Ashley Goetz was born on September 16th, 1985, in the United States.

Her social media profiles

She is on many social media sites. She is most active on Instagram. She sees the handle @ashleyk_hawaii with 271,000 followers; she writes for magazines and her website. She also posts pictures and videos on her website. You can also search for products there.

For the Maxim Cover Magazine

In 2018, Maxim magazine ran a campaign for soldiers who wound. Ashley also wanted to help, so she entered a contest for $25,000. She wanted to donate all the money in the fund for soldiers.Who is Ashley Kolfage

Impression Of Her Husband

In July 2014, she wrote in Cosmopolitan that her husband is a soldier who was injured.

She has met Brian a few times. She is sure that she wants to marry him. Even though he had a disability, she said that he would always want to go out. The first time she met him, he was already funny, and that made her like him.


Ashley Kolfage in 2012 With The Congresswoman

There, Ashley also went to fold flowers and place them in front of all the wounded people. Brian Kolfage is a guest of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords at President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address.

Total Assets

Hence, her total assets have an assessment of more than half a million dollars. Despite these challenges, this person should make a lot of money from her design career. She and her spouse have raised $16 million because they are both triple-amputees. The plan for the mission was to raise about $1 billion. That is enough money to fund one-fifth of President Trump’s $5 billion international spending initiative.

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Some other facts about her

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