which game show was at the center of the cheating scandal chronicled in the movie “quiz show”?
which game show was at the center of the cheating scandal chronicled in the movie “quiz show”?

Which Game Show Was At The Center of The Cheating Scandal Chronicled In The Movie “Quiz Show”?


Yes, Twenty-One is the correct answer of your question. Let’s explain it 

We all know that the television entertainment industry has been creative from its inception. We have seen a variety of shows with different concepts and central ideas. One of the dominant genres that are still popular today is the quiz and game shows. These types of shows are still popular on radio and television across the globe. However, there was a time when the scandal threatened the entire industry of game shows. A film that popularized the scandal involving the shows was released in the 90s. You must be wondering Which game show was at the center of the cheating scandal chronicled in the movie “quiz show”? We will answer that question in this article. 

World of Quiz and Games Shows

If you are not familiar with the world of game shows, there’s a specific channel dedicated to them – GSN aka Game Show Network, another one is Buzzr, which broadcasts extensive game shows owned by Fremantle network. It has popular shows on its library-like “Password,” “Classic Concentration,” “Family Feud,” and “Jeopardy”. Whereas CBS’ popular show “The Price is Right” is about to complete its fifth decade of successful running. ABC is also bringing on new shows like “To Tell the Truth” and “Press Your Luck”, and it will also bring back the old show “Who Wants to Be Millionaire” with Jimmy Kimmel.  

Since at the beginning we mentioned a film that brought the game shows scandal under the light, we know you must be wondering what that movie is. Well, the movie is Quiz Show, which came out in 1994. Now, your second question is which game show was at the center of the cheating scandal chronicled in the movie “quiz show”? The answer to that is “Twenty-One”. 

Game Shows and Scandal That Threatened Their Existence

The scandal of game shows was uncovered by Herbert Stempel, who recently died at 93. He participated in the “Twenty-One”, a game show run by NBC in the 1950s. His family did not publicly announce his death; later, his stepdaughter, Bobra Fyne, confirmed his demise’s news. 

The movie “Quiz Show” features the story of how Stempel uncovers the scandals lurking beneath the game shows industry. In the movie, John Turturro portrays the character of Herb Stempel. Robert Redford directed it. Who was Herb Stempel? He was a gifted student born to Solomon and Mary Stempel in the Bronx, NY on 19 December 1926, had a prodigious memory. With his gifted talents, represented P.S. 6 on a show called “Americana Quiz”.

During the show, he was undefeated for an extended period. He showed his prodigious intellect on I.Q. Test and went on to work as a post office employee. He even served for the American Army in 1946. 

Herb Stempel, the federal whistleblower who played the crucial role in exposing NBC’s “Twenty-One”, succumbed to death on 7 April 2020. He showed that NBC was trying to manipulate the show for getting better ratings. 

The movie Quiz Show earned five Oscar nominations that year. As we mentioned, Stempel was a bright kid, and he was serving the military under G. I. Bill. While serving the military, he also applied for participation in “Twenty-One” and producer Dan Enright selected him. He wanted Stempel to be the poster boy of the show. 

The main idea for choosing was to portray him as an American underdog who is earning big money for his family. During his participation he was given the answers to the questions in advance, to make him win thousands while playing the game. 

He was a native of Bronx and was noted to be having I.Q. of 170, he was on the show for six weeks in 1956, while Jack Barry hosted the show. He made $49,500 during the game. He revealed later that he had received the answers in advance. The T.V. show was quite popular back then, so much that it would air five days a week. 

If you are looking for more details on how the scandal created a nationwide controversy, you can watch the movie “Quiz Show”. If you have any interesting facts about the game shows, drop the comments below. Follow us for more exciting content. 

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