Where To Watch Scorpions Concert Live
Where To Watch Scorpions Concert Live

Where To Watch Scorpions Concert Live?

Rudolf Schenker founded the Scorpions, a German rock band, in Hanover in 1965. Since its inception, the band’s sound has shifted from hard rock to heavy metal to glam metal to soft rock. Their most popular lineup, with Klaus Meine on vocals, Rudolf Schenker on rhythm guitar, Matthias Jabs on lead guitar, Francis Buchholz on bass, and Herman Rarebell on drums, was active from 1978 to 1992. In this post, you will learn who scorpions are and where to watch Scorpions’ live concert?

The Scorpions’ sound became the standard for hard rock in the mid-1970s after the addition of guitarist Uli Jon Roth (who had replaced Schenker’s younger brother Michael). With Roth out of the picture in 1978, Schenker and Meine consolidated their dominance inside the band and wrote most of the material.

With the addition of Matthias Jabs on guitar in 1978 and producer Dieter Dierks’s influence, the Scorpions shifted their sound to one that was more melodic heavy metal mixed with lyrical “power rock ballads,” as evidenced by their album Lovedrive (1979), which marked the beginning of this evolution of their sound. The Lovedrive album featured additional playing from Michael Schenker.

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Rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker formed the band in 1965. The band’s sound was initially influenced by Merseybeat, and Schenker sang lead. Previous to creating Scorpions, he was a bandmate of Lothar Heimberg’s. In 1967, Karl Heinz Vollmer left the band because he had to enlist in the military, and he no longer felt he had anything in common with performance and military lifestyles.

In 1970, with the addition of Michael Schenker’s younger brother on drums and Klaus Meine on vocals, the band began to take shape. This lineup triumphed in a 1972 music contest, recording two songs for a single that was never published on the CCA label; however, both “Action” and “I’m Going Mad” was included on several compilation albums, such as Psychedelic Gems 2.

Featuring Lothar Heimberg on bass and Wolfgang Dziony on drums, the band recorded and released their debut album, Lonesome Crow, in 1972. The Scorpions were a support act for the up-and-coming British band UFO on their Lonesome Crow tour. Michael Schenker, the guitarist with the band, accepted an invitation to play lead guitar for UFO toward the tour’s finish. Michael introduced his friend Uli Jon Roth to the bar, and Uli Jon Roth ended up finishing the time with them.


According to several credible sources, Scorpions are among the best-selling bands in music history, with estimated worldwide sales of around 100 million (10.5 million of which are certified in the United States). Every one of their certified editions has gone on to achieve gold or platinum status in sales in at least one country.


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Scorpions have been termed “heroes of heavy metal” by Rolling Stone and “Ambassadors of Rock” by MTV. They have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and have won other vital honors, including three World Music Awards and a star on the Hollywood Rock wall. A 50th-anniversary party was held in 2015.

Where To Watch Scorpions live?

Locate the list of upcoming Scorpions concerts above and mark this page as a favorite to receive timely alerts on new show dates and other comparable events.

How Much Are Tickets For Scorpions Concert?

The price of a secondary market ticket to see the Scorpions can swing for many reasons. It’s possible to find Scorpions tickets for as little as $177.00, with the average price being $234.00.

Where Can I Find Low-Priced Tickets To See The Scorpions?

Tickets to see the Scorpions for as little as $177.00 are available. Also, after selecting the event date that most appeals to you, you may filter the list of available Scorpions tickets by price by clicking the “sort by price” button at the top left of the page.

How long Do Scorpions Show Last?

The average length of a Scorpions show is between two and three hours, though this varies considerably based on factors such as the number of supporting bands, the size of the encore, etc.


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Where To Buy Scorpions Concert Tickets?

To search for, locate, and purchase Scorpions tickets, SeatGeek is your best bet. If you want to see the Scorpions live, check out the dates above to find a show that works for you. When you’ve settled on the correct performance time and day, you can view all tickets for that performance by clicking the icon to the right of the event.

Next, look through the list of available Scorpion tickets on the left. Tickets can be filtered by price or SeatGeek’s Deal Score, which ranks tickets by value and shows you just how good of a deal you’re looking at, using the filters at the top of the page. Using the interactive maps on the right, you may zero in on the ideal seating section and get a sneak peek at the view from your prospective seat.

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