Where Do They Put The Christmas Trees That Don't Sell? Exploring Their Eternal Fates
Where Do They Put The Christmas Trees That Don't Sell? Exploring Their Eternal Fates

Where Do They Put The Christmas Trees That Don’t Sell? Exploring Their Eternal Fates

The tree dominates the space in the living area thanks to its height. It serves its newfound home with diligence, protecting the array of neatly packaged boxes that cluster around its base. It is decked out in glittering ornaments and flashing lights. It would make a good photograph. The Christmas tree for this year is located here.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, around 30 million Christmas trees are bought and sold yearly. However, once the vacation is done, what will become of them? Like Santa Claus and his reindeer, these trees do not have a home at the North Pole to which they can return.

What happened to the trees that were never cut down to make a house? The Christmas tree seemsĀ kind not just during the holiday season but also after they have passed.

What Ends Up Happening To Christmas Trees That Don’t Sell?

Some fir trees never make it to a warm and inviting house. Some of them are never seen again after they are taken from the farm or the parking lot. But in most cases, they all meet the same unfortunate end.

Richard Bates, a professor of horticulture at Pennsylvania State University who teaches a seminar on Christmas tree management, noted that “the major endpoint for unwanted Christmas trees…is the conversion into mulch.”

“There are thousands of established programs that will collect, then chop, and compost them, and most of them are run by governments or community-based groups.”

Where Do They Put The Christmas Trees That Don't Sell Exploring Their Eternal Fates
Where Do They Put The Christmas Trees That Don’t Sell Exploring Their Eternal Fates

Where Can I Put My Christmas Tree After The Holiday?

The experts strongly suggest that once the holiday season is over, you look into one of these recycling programs in your community and recycle your Christmas tree. According to Jill Sidebottom, a National Christmas Tree Association spokesman, most cities and counties provide Christmas tree drop-off facilities or offer curbside pick-up for donated trees throughout the holiday season.

According to Ed Baskin, who helps administer the program that recycles Christmas trees, San Diego collects more than 70,000 Christmas trees from its people each year through its recycling program. According to Baskin, trees have a propensity to create wood chips and high-quality mulch. The city of San Diego uses the mulch and compost generated from the trees in its parks, and it provides this byproduct to the local community at no cost.

Depending on their current location, trees discover different afterlife meanings for themselves. For instance, certain communities gather the trees in an effort to prevent further beach erosion. According to Bates, some local governments go so far as to throw the trees into a pond since they provide an excellent environment for juvenile fish.

When Is The Best Time To Take Down My Christmas Tree?

After the first of the year, most people take down their Christmas trees. According to Sidebottom, some Christmas customs call for keeping the tree decorated at least through the Epiphany holiday on January 6, commemorating the arrival of the three kings in Jerusalem. Christmas movies for children: a guide to streaming more than one hundred family movies this holiday season

It is ideal for keeping your tree green and fresh by watering it during its whole life cycle. This is for reasons having to do with safety. A dead tree still inside the house presents a fire risk. According to Baskin, dry trees are more difficult to mulch than wet ones. Before recycling your tree, ensure all the ornaments and decorations have been removed first.

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