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When Did Cassie Start Dating Diddy: A Timeline of Their Relationship

When Did Cassie Start Dating Diddy

When Did Cassie Start Dating Diddy

For nearly a decade, Cassie and Diddy were one of the most famous couples in the music industry. They first met in 2006, when Cassie signed to Diddy’s record label, Bad Boy Records, and began discreetly dating in 2007.

They made their romance public in 2012 and had various ups and downs before finally splitting up in 2018. From their initial encounter to their most recent breakup, these are some of the highlights of their romance.

How They Met

Cassie was a 19-year-old promising singer and model in late 2006 when she met Diddy, who was 36 at the time. Ryan Leslie, who also introduced her to Diddy, was responsible for producing her breakthrough hit, “Me & U.”

Cassie Start Dating Diddy

Cassie’s ability and beauty pleased Diddy, who offered her a contract with his company. He also served as her mentor and manager, assisting her in the release of her self-titled debut album in 2007.

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How They Started Dating

Cassie and Diddy kept their romance private for a long time because Diddy was still involved with his ex-girlfriend and children’s mother, Kim Porter, until 2009.

Cassie and Diddy denied any romantic relationship, claiming they were simply friends and business associates. They were frequently seen together at numerous gatherings and parties, however, and reports of their affair circulated in the media.

How They Went Public

Cassie and Diddy’s romance was officially verified in 2012 when they posted images of themselves on Instagram proving their devotion to one other.

They have attended a number of red-carpet events together, including the Met Gala and the MTV Video Music Awards. They also worked together on various musical projects, including Diddy’s “Last Train to Paris” album and Cassie’s “RockaByeBaby” mixtape.

How They Sparked Engagement Rumors

Diddy posted a snapshot of a massive diamond ring on Instagram in 2014, with the message, “Baby, do you like it?” I simply want to give you what you want!” Fans assumed he proposed to Cassie, who was spotted with the ring on her finger.

Cassie Start Dating Diddy

However, Diddy’s representative dismissed the engagement rumors, claiming that the ring was merely a gift. Cassie later indicated that she was not in a hurry to marry and was content with the way things were.

How They Broke Up and Got Back Together

Cassie and Diddy’s relationship was turbulent, and they broke up and remarried multiple times. They reportedly split in 2015 after a fierce disagreement, but reconciled soon after.

They had another separation in 2016, this one involving the police after Diddy allegedly seized Cassie’s phone and refused to return it. They made amends and celebrated Cassie’s 30th birthday together.

How They Split For Good

After 11 years of dating, Cassie and Diddy announced it departure in 2018. Diddy’s apparent unwillingness to settle down and commit to Cassie, who desired more from the relationship, led to their breakup.

Diddy also experienced personal sorrow when his ex-girlfriend Kim Porter died in November 2018. Cassie stood by Diddy and his family during this trying period, but they remained apart.

How They Moved On

Cassie and Diddy went on with their lives and professions after their separation. Cassie met her personal trainer, Alex Fine, in late 2018, and they married in September 2019.

Their first kid, a daughter named Frankie, was born in December 2019, and their second child, a son named Sunny, was born in March 2021. Diddy dated other women as well, including Lori Harvey and Tina Louise, but none of them lasted long. He also concentrated on his music and commercial interests, releasing “Off the Grid Vol. 1” in September 2021.

How They Are Now

Despite their split, Cassie and Diddy have remained friendly and respectful of one another. They have not publicly discussed their relationship, but they have expressed support for each other’s accomplishments and milestones on social media.

They’ve also wished each other happy birthdays and congrats on their new families. They’ve both expressed their joy and thanks for their current partners and children, and they’ve both moved on from their past.

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