What's Arik Ancelin Doing In The Hospital? Diamond In The Rough's Rapper Gives Update
What's Arik Ancelin Doing In The Hospital? Diamond In The Rough's Rapper Gives Update

What’s Arik Ancelin Doing In The Hospital? Diamond In The Rough’s Rapper Gives Update

A video that rapper Arik Ancelin posted on his TikTok account this week showing him in the hospital on his 20th birthday caused his fans to become concerned about his health. In his most recent video, Arik, a popular figure on social media, shows himself having to observe his birthday while confined to a hospital bed.

The post caused alarm among followers, particularly considering the fact that the rapper has been the subject of death rumors in recent times. On the other hand, Arik has just provided an update on his health to the people who follow him on Instagram and has explained the cause for his recent hospital visit.

Who is Arik Ancelin?

Arik Ancelin is a rapper who was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised there throughout his childhood. He will be 20 years old this year. On the social media platform TikTok, where he now has more than 1.5 million followers, he earned global attention for the first time. Arik joined the video-sharing network in 2019, and ever since then, his movies have amassed millions upon millions of views across the network.

Arik has amassed a huge fanbase across a variety of social media platforms, and he also has a string of successful musical releases to his name. In 2018, the rapper released his album titled Diamond In The Rough, and the first track from that album, which is also titled Diamond In The Rough, is currently his most popular song on Spotify. On July 1 of this year, he released his most recent work, which was a single titled “Emeralds In The Sky.”

What's Arik Ancelin Doing In The Hospital? Diamond In The Rough's Rapper Gives Update
What’s Arik Ancelin Doing In The Hospital? Diamond In The Rough’s Rapper Gives Update

Arik Ancelin Tells People That He’s In The Hospital

On Sunday, July 17, the announcement that rapper Arik Ancelin had been admitted to the hospital was shared with the 16,900 people who follow him on Instagram. At the time, he reassured his followers that he was doing OK while adding that he had a hankering for a McDonald’s McFlurry and a Diet Coke. He said that he was doing fine.

He broadcast the following message to the world: “FYI, I’m going to be okay, people, but I’m quite bored – send entertainment recommendations. I’m thinking about all of you and praying that life is treating you well. In a short period of time, I will be returning to the stage and writing new music at the same time. The comments area was rapidly inundated with words of support and condolences from loyal followers of the person who had passed away.

Why Is The Rapper In Hospital?

In an update post that he released on his Instagram account on Tuesday, the rapper who is known by the stage name Diamond In The Rough explained the reason that he had to be admitted to the hospital (July 19).

Arik made a joke at the beginning of his piece about how he had damaged his back from “holding the rap game,” but then he went on to explain how serious the situation actually was.

Arik detailed that he was suffering from an empyema that had migrated to his lungs and was causing him a lot of discomfort. He went on to claim that the sickness had caused fluid to build up both within and outside of his lungs, which was now being drained away. He said this was due to the accumulation of fluid caused by the disease. He ended on a positive note by expressing the hope that he will “get better soon,” which left the audience with a sense of optimism.

Rapper Celebrates 20th Birthday From Hospital Bed

While Arik was keeping his fans up to date on the reason for his hospital visit, he also shared with them the exciting news that he was going to be celebrating his 20th birthday. In the post, he showcased photographs of the many birthday balloons that had been sent to him when he was in the hospital. The balloons had been sent to him while he was recovering from an illness.

Arik said in the post that his birthday didn’t turn out the way he had hoped it would, but he said that he was “grateful” to be able to celebrate it anyhow. He then requested those who followed him to continue praying for his “recovery and wellness,” and he claimed that “hoping to get better soon” was the nicest birthday present he could have received. A second way that Arik celebrated his birthday was by posting a video to TikTok. In the video, he invited a member of the medical staff to join him in celebrating. The video was disseminated to all of his many followers.

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