What Should People Expect Besides The Launch Of The iPhone 13 During The Apple California Broadcast?


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The online event, called ‘California Streaming’ by Apple, will be held virtually from Apple Park. The broadcast will begin this Tuesday, September 14, at 10:30 pm (IST).

For a few months now, Apple Inc. has been promoting an online event where this industry leader in mobile technology is expected to present the iPhone 13 series. The event will be broadcast through the dedicated Apple Events mini-site. Additionally, it will also be streamed live on Apple’s YouTube channel.

No one has information on the launch, but the iPhone 13 series is expected to bring as many models as Apple released in the iPhone 12 series last year: two regular iPhone 13s and two in the Pro line. Likewise, the iPhone 13 series is believed to be similar to the iPhone 12 series in terms of design.

Likewise, people expect the images to get a significant update, especially when it comes to software. In addition, the public expressed that they expect the iPhone 13 line to have the same number of cameras but with better optics and sensors.What Should People Expect Besides The Launch Of The iPhone 13 During The Apple California Broadcast

When it comes to software, Apple will likely bring the portrait mode feature to videos to step next-gen iPhones towards a new chip: Apple A15.

Additionally, the iPhone 1 series will have an extremely important addition: the possibility of satellite connectivity to improve the support of emergency services. In this sense, they will be in charge of explaining to the public how it will work and what it will be used for exactly.

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Apple Watch Series 7

Apple’s watch series is long overdue for a design update, and the Watch 7 series could do the trick. The public expects the new design to have a screen and borders and allow Apple to adapt to a larger screen than its predecessors, but it will be known how big the size would be after the presentation. Like the iPhone 13 series, the Watch 7 series will have a new chip: Apple S7.

One of the things that characterize Apple is that it always adds health-focused features to its watch series, and the Watch Series 7 is expected to bring a ton of new health and fitness features.

Final words

Additionally, it is expected that this line will have third-generation AirPods, probably called AirPods 3 and that they will have a design similar to that of the AirPods Pro. In addition, the pair of wireless headphones is expected to have a wireless charging case as standard, whose housing it is tilted to have 20% more battery capacity than the predecessor.

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