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What is Xbox Resolver? Why We Should Use It? Explained

Gamer tags and usernames on the Xbox and PlayStation can be converted to an IP address using the Xbox Resolver service. One of the two domains for Resolver Xbox, PlayStation, became up in 2017 and was used to distribute the product.

The Octosniff IP puller was used by players to preserve these IP data, hence reverse lookups were unsuccessful at the time. This site is ideal for gamers that want a real-time gamer tag resolver. For iOS, Android, Windows 8, and 10, this software can be used.

The makers of Xbox Resolver have developed a companion app for the Xbox video game. This application provides remote control, Xbox Live community functions, and a level of formality on the second screen. This Windows 10 app offers an additional feature.

With it, you may utilize the system’s screen recording features while playing a PC game. It is highly possible that you will take advantage of such services, making you vulnerable to Xbox resolver booters and party kickers.

While many people are against the online service, it is perfectly lawful to list public information. It is the users’ responsibility to ensure that this information is not misused and that they follow the suggested instructions for protecting themselves from such tools and attacks

What is Xbox Resolver?

Resolving Xbox Gamer tags and finding gamers’ Xbox Live IP addresses may be done using Xbox Resolver, a free IP resolver for Xbox Live. The IP address is resolved and translated to the appropriate gamer tag, and the other way around.

Similar to how DNS works, the IP address of each domain is translated by the internet browser. A central database server with access to all Xbox usernames is needed in the Xbox resolver.

While Microsoft prevents unauthorized users from accessing the database’s sensitive data, other companies may do so. Because of this, certain gamer tags are unable to be resolved. They have, however, built a database of millions of gamer tags that can be accessed by two coders for easy resolution.

Why you should Use An Xbox Resolver?

The new and enhanced Xbox resolver app has a number of perks that will likely persuade you to install it on your smartphone. Among them:

  • They have made it easy for consumers to see their activity stream with this application.
  • Using this tool, they’ve made it easy for their customers to connect with one another and have a good time.
  • Game DVR video can be recorded and stored by users.
  • Our Xbox Resolver has made One Guide browsing easier.

Using this app as a remote control has been made easier for consumers.

The Xbox’s Features

1. Gamertag and PSN Username resolvers:

It is possible to buy Xbox and PlayStation resolvers from them. Gamertag to IP address is accessible for Xbox users, whereas Username to IP address is available for PlayStation users. The fact that they have a database of millions of gamer tags and usernames is one of the most valuable features of their resolver.

2. IP Lookup by Location:

All of the information connected with an IP address can be accessed through this service. To obtain an IP address, all one needs to do is contact their internet service provider (ISP). They make this information available to you by

3. IP address logging software:

Using IP Logger, you may create custom URLs that you can give people so that you can get their IP addresses from them.

4. The PSN Username Checker:

This new feature is a great addition for PlayStation devotees. The PlayStation Username Checker can tell you if a username is available.

5. Storage of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses:

Using this application, you may securely store and organize IP addresses. A single page displays all of the saved IPs. Premium users can save an unlimited number of IPs, whereas free users are limited to 25 saved IPs.

Blacklisting Your IP Address

xResolver’s unique blacklisting feature prevents users from resolving gamer tags or usernames. If you purchase a blacklist, your data will be shielded from their scrapers and databases.

How do I get an Xbox resolver on my computer?

The simplest way to get the Xbox Resolver on your device is to just follow the directions in this post:

  • First of all visit the Xbox Resolver website
  • The download button is located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Wait for the downloading process to begin after clicking the download button.
  • Open the file after the download is complete.
  • As a result, the app may now be used as a remote control more easily.


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