What Is The Meaning Of The Candice Joke On Tiktok? Don’t Fall For This Trick!

What Is The Meaning Of The Candice Joke On Tiktok?

If you are familiar with TikTok, pay attention to the latest inside joke running on the platform.

In videos on the app, friends and family members are surprised when they hear my name.

Another way to avoid being laughed at by others is to learn the joke and how not to laugh. This will help you not be laughed at in the future.

What Is The Meaning Of The Candice Joke On Tiktok?

People on TikTok are asking friends and family if they know anything about Candice.

When their friends are asked the question, they usually answer with ‘who?’ This is typical of a response to that kind of question. Many of the videos censored on TikTok are not funny. People watch them because they are confused and want to share their confusion with other people.

Some people watch the videos and they ask a question. The question is ‘Who is Candice?’ So, if someone asks you who Candice is, do not say ‘who?’ Say her name.

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What Does Ligma Mean On Tiktok?

You know when you say something like, “I just came down with a case of ligma.” The premise is the same as when someone has heard about igma.

What Is Ligma?

In this case, you can see that the phrase ligma is meant to sound like lick my.

Dictionary.com says that Ligma is a fake illness that people used to laugh at in May 2018. The show is about words that people say but they have the wrong word. It can be hard to understand what they mean.

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