What Is The Accent Challenge? Tiktok’s Hilarious New Trend Explained!

The newest challenge on TikTok is to lock your phone for 48 hours. Then film what happens afterwards.

If you do not want to learn a dance challenge from TikTok, then this one might be for you.

One of TikTok’s latest challenges is a funny accent challenge, and it is really good.

What is the Accent Challenge?

TikTok’s accent challenge is to get friends or family members who live in a different country and have an accent. They do it for you. Choose a word, then say it. The word should sound different in each of your voices because you both have an accent.

The challenges of the challenge were fun. We all sounded different and I liked that.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Britain, it is impossible to do our challenge right now. When you are abroad, it is important to find ways to stay in contact with your friends back home. Maybe explore video apps like FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.

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How do you do the Accent Challenge?

  • List words that sound different in different accents. Some words might be ‘route’, ‘herb’, ‘tomato’, ‘vase’, and ‘scone.’ You can use any word you want for your list of words.
  • First, find some friends or family members who have a different accent than you. For example, someone from Manchester and someone from Essex. Or someone with a different accent from around the world. As long as your accents are different, it will work.
  • If you and your friend are in the same place then set up your phone to film the accent challenge. Read each word on the list and then ask your friend to repeat it. You could also do this on Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom if you don’t want to be in the same room with them.
  • Then type the words you want to say. You can also add filters or music. Most people choose to type each word on the screen.
  • Upload your video to TikTok and under the caption write #AccentChallenge.
  • You can tag other people on the challenge if you want.

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People have made up their own version of TikTok!

New challenges on the TikTok social media, TikToking, are present. If you do not have any friends with a different accent, try this one. If you can afford to travel internationally, make a video with as many accents in it as possible. People will be able to guess which is your original voice.

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