What Happened To Mikasa Season 4 Attack of Titan? Is She Coming Back? All You Need To Know

Mikasa Season 4

To wrap out Season 4 of Attack on Titan, the Scout Regiment will face both old and new enemies, as well as their erstwhile buddy Eren Jaeger’s insane scheme to overthrow the whole country of Marley.

The approaching finale has published new promotional imagery that offers us a new look at Mikasa, who has been put in an unenviable situation of having to battle against her old buddy in the last episodes of the series to date.

It has been a terrible life for Mikasa, who was adopted by the Jaeger family after her parents were slain in her early years. Ackerman clan member Mikasa has spent the season battling Titans in an effort to protect Jaeger from all hazards, eventually being revealed to be a member of the Ackerman clan.

Mikasa is now unclear of what she should do after Eren’s danger to both the island of Paradis and the country of Marley was made clear in season four of the anime.

In the second half of the last season of Attack on Titan, Reddit user Mephisto Lover 24 released this official artwork of Mikasa in her three-dimensional manoeuvre gear, which was granted an upgrade owing in part to the technology that Zeke Jaeger’s followers gave Scout Regiment.

Studio MAPPA, which replaced Wit Studio at the start of the current season, will return for the second half of Attack on Titan’s anime.

There are a few huge fight scenarios that the studio has to adapt from the manga that ended earlier this year. This leaves fans wondering how the Scout Regiment would appear in certain circumstances.

In your opinion, how do you feel about this new Mikasa design. The second half of the last season of Attack on Titan, what are you most excited about? 

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