What Happened To Ernie Johnson? Why Didn't He Appear On TNT?
What Happened To Ernie Johnson? Why Didn't He Appear On TNT?

What Happened To Ernie Johnson? Why Didn’t He Appear On TNT?

In the episode of NBA on TNT that aired on Thursday, Ernie Johnson was noticeably absent from his presenting duties; what happened to the host? In the year 2021, Ernie was bereft to say goodbye to his son Michael.

Because he has been hosting the sports commentary program Inside The NBA for the past three decades, the presenter has become a constant presence on our screens. Since 1990, he has served as the show’s presenter, and he has been joined by a wide variety of well-known NBA players over the years, such as Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal, amongst others.

After Ernie failed to appear on air during the show that was supposed to take place on Thursday, many viewers at home began to speculate about the presenter’s absence.

What Happened To Ernie Johnson And Why Wasn’t He On TNT?

It has been confirmed by the network that Ernie Johnson did not appear on the edition of NBA on TNT that aired on Thursday since his mother, Lois Marjorie Johnson, passed away not long ago.

On Thursday night, the presenter was going to make an appearance to remark on the games between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, as well as the game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Phoenix Suns (January 19, 2023).

On Tuesday, January 17, Ernie’s mother passed away, which was a terrible loss for the family. She had lived a full life, raising three children, and reached the age of 94 years old. The Face of It The NBA host skipped the broadcast from yesterday night in order to spend time with his family and grieve the loss of his mother. He took the time off.

In a program that lasted for two minutes, TNT paid an emotional homage to Lois and reflected on her life. As part of the memorial, the network extended their thoughts and prayers to Ernie and his family.

What Happened To Ernie Johnson? Why Didn't He Appear On TNT?
What Happened To Ernie Johnson? Why Didn’t He Appear On TNT?

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After receiving a diagnosis of Duchenne muscular dystrophy in September 2021, Michael Johnson, Ernie’s son, passed away in October 2021. Michael’s age was 33 at the time.

He was adopted by the presenter and his wife Cheryl in May of 1991, and they were aware of his medical issue at the time. Michael was one of the four adoptive children that the couple ultimately took in.

During an interview with Basketball Network, the host opened up about his family’s decision to adopt Michal and said, “Nothing could have been further from the truth than what was actually the case.” I would explain that we had adopted Michael not with an eye on what he would become, but for who he was – a neglected, forgotten boy who deserved another opportunity. In a tone that was as empathetic as I could summon, I would say, “We had adopted Michael not with an eye on what he would become.”

Viewers Send Prayers to Ernie’s Family

After hearing the devastating news that Ernie’s mother had passed away, viewers at home sent their condolences, prayers, and messages of support to him and his family.

One viewer sent their sincere condolences to Ernie Johnson’s family by writing, “My profound condolences.”

Timothy Bella of The Washington Post sent his condolences to Ernie Johnson and his family on the passing of Lois Marjorie Johnson. “Prayers to Ernie Johnson and his family on the loss of his mother,” Bella said.

Another person commented by saying, “What a blessing it is to still have your mother at such a young age.” Undoubtedly, she brought up a fine young man. Prayers and positive vibes going out to Ernie Johnson’s family.”

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