What Happened In Scream 5, And Who Killed Who?
What Happened In Scream 5, And Who Killed Who?

What Happened In Scream 5, And Who Killed Who?

The year 2023 is shaping up to be a significant one for the horror film genre, with a wide variety of highly promising originals as well as sequels to familiar classics on the horizon.

If you’re a lover of slasher flicks, there’s no way that Scream 6 isn’t towards the top of your most anticipated movies of the year list. After all, it will have familiar faces like Courteney Cox and Hayden Panettiere playing their signature parts once again.

Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the directors of Scream 5, are back at the helm for this sixth installment, which has already excited the fandom with its thrilling previews and marketing, despite the fact that Neve Campbell will not be returning for this installment.

When it comes to the fifth installment, though, what exactly took place in Scream 5, and who is the psychopath that did it? Before we get into Scream 6, let’s review what happened in Scream 5.


The events of Scream 5 happen 25 years after the first movie. In the original, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher were shown to be the killers of Woodsboro in the last act. Over the course of three sequels, we saw other people put on the Ghostface mask, but in the end, they were caught.

In the beginning of the fifth movie, Tara Carpenter (Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega) is broken into by a new Ghostface killer. But she makes it through the dangerous situation to tell the story. Wes Hicks, Tara’s friend, tells Tara’s older sister Sam that she’s in the hospital, so Sam and her boyfriend Richie Kirsch move back to Woodsboro from their new home in Modesto.

At the hospital, Sam meets Tara’s friends, including Wes, Amber Freeman, Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin (twins), and Liv McKenzie. This gives the audience a long list of people who could have killed Tara. At the same time, Ghostface kills Vince Schneider, who was Liv’s ex-boyfriend and also Stu’s nephew.

After seeing Ghostface, Sam tells him that she has been seeing Billy, who is her father. She and Richie ask Dewey Riley for help because they don’t want her sister or anyone else to fall into the same trap that her father did. He agrees, and he also asks Sidney Prescott and Gale Weathers to join.

Then we find out that Chad and Mindy’s mother is Martha, who in the original was Randy’s sister. Mindy tells the group about her “requel” theory. Since the victims are related in some way to the original killers, she thinks that this new Ghostface is moving the story forward by using the original killers but also bringing in new characters, like Tara and the others.

A short time later, the new killer kills Wes and his mother, Sheriff Judy Hicks. Dewey saves Tara, Richie, and Sam from the masked attacker, but he dies in the process.

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What Happened In Scream 5, And Who Killed Who?
What Happened In Scream 5, And Who Killed Who?


Before Scream 6, let’s go over what happened in Scream 5. When Dewey died, Sidney (Neve Campbell) had to go back to Woodsboro to see Gale again. She also meets Sam and asks her to help stop the murders, but Sam tells her she has to leave town with Richie and Tara.

Sidney and Gale say yes, and they take the three of them to Amber’s house. But people who saw the first one will quickly recognize it as Stu’s old house, where most of the first movie took place, including the ending.

Amber is having a house party, but Ghostface shows up and turns out to be Amber. She shoots Liv, and it turns out that Amber had been working with Richie. Two Ghostaces, to be exact. Richie is the one who beats up Tara at the beginning of the movie, and when he and Amber get into a fight with Sidney, Gale, and Sam, he quickly stabs Sam.

Remember the Stab movies, which were always about other things? They are basically the Scream movies for the universe of Scream. They are movies about the Woodsboro killings. Well, Richie and Amber tell Sidney and the others that they met online and are both big fans of the movie series.


Why have they started killing Ghostface? Well, they didn’t like the most recent and eighth Stab movie. They thought it didn’t have what made the earlier ones so good. So, to get the series back to its roots, they planned a real series of murders that would bring back the original cast and give them enough material to make a new and better Stab 9.

Now that their plan is out in the open, there is a fight for survival in Amber’s kitchen. Amber is set on fire when Gale shoots her. Richie, meanwhile, goes after Sam, who is still seeing Billy’s image in her head. Because Billy is “there,” she is able to find Amber’s knife and use it to stab Richie. He is then shot and killed, putting an end to the killings.

Gale says that she won’t write about the murders in her new book because doing so would give the killers attention, which they probably would have wanted. After all, their plan was to get a piece of the Stab family’s history. The night is finally over, and the same things happen as they did in the first story.

In fact, this brings us to what happens in Scream 6, where characters from Woodsboro move to New York City. On March 10, 2023, Scream 6 comes out in theaters.

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