What Does Asl Stand For On Tiktok? Slang Meaning Revealed!

What Does Asl Stand For On Tiktok? Slang Meaning Revealed!

New internet platforms make new words. This is difficult for people to read. TikTok is a new app. It has lots of slang words. Some people are not sure what they mean, and this will take time to fix.

Do you know what ASL is? It means American Sign Language. You can find out by reading below!

What Does Asl Stand For On Tiktok?

I am hungry and I want to eat lunch. However, some people use the letters ASL in a different way when they chat online.

ASL stands for American Sign Language. In capital letters, it means American Sign Language.

Tiktok Slang Terms Explained

FYP stands for For You Points.

The What’s Hot page is the main place on TikTok. Here, you can watch videos that other people have created. It is like the Explore Page on Instagram.

BSF means I want to be your best friend.

Many people used to call their friends for life. But recently, BSF has been popular. This is especially true on TikTok.

OF stands for ‘Only Fans,’ but you don’t need to know that.

People who use TikTok often use the word OF. It is so that they don’t get in trouble for saying it in their video.

The rapper dedicated the award to his family and his son.

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