Tiktok: What Did Itsnate Say? Us Army Responds To Holocaust ‘joke’ With Investigation

What Did Itsnate Say?

After making a ‘joke’ about the holocaust before the US Army became engaged, the TikToker received backlash on social media.

What occurred has left fans and TikTok users puzzled.

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What Did Itsnate Say Tiktok?

Before his account was deleted, Itsnate was an American TikToker with almost 3 million followers and 135 million likes on the video-sharing site.

Itsnate wrote on TikTok, “A Jewish person’s favorite Pokémon character is Ash.” If people were offended, he ordered them to “get the f**k out” since it was a “joke.”

Despite the fact that Nate was not dressed in his army uniform in the video, he has numerous additional TikToks on his account in which he can be seen performing military activities. He is a second lieutenant in the army.

How Did The Us Army Respond?

The 3rd Infantry Division, based in Georgia, stated that it was investigating Nate’s “vile statements” and that the officer had been “suspended of any and all command authority effective immediately.”

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