On His First Full Day On The Job, Gov. Wes Moore Will Announce Executive Orders And Talk About Unreleased Funds

BALTIMORE — On Thursday, new leadership will take over in Maryland, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the state’s history. Following their historic inauguration on Wednesday, Governor Wes Moore and Lieutenant Governor Aruna Miller wasted no time in getting down to business on their first full day on the job.

After a day filled with fanfare, including an appearance by Oprah, the Moore administration has wasted no time in getting to work on the primary concerns that Governor Moore has been emphasizing throughout his time on the campaign road.

Moore made the commitment on Wednesday to work for greater inclusivity and economic equity while also focusing on the fight against crime, the improvement of education, and the fight against climate change.

The governor has stated that his administration will go over some executive orders and address some crucial concerns like as public safety on Thursday. These concerns will primarily focus on Baltimore City. He intends to get together with the heads of various local organizations in order to discuss potential solutions to the issue.

He suggested that one measure that could be taken to assist in making people feel safer in their areas would be to concentrate on filling vacancies in the state’s parole and probation systems.

On His First Full Day On The Job, Gov. Wes Moore Will Announce Executive Orders And Talk About Unreleased Funds
On His First Full Day On The Job, Gov. Wes Moore Will Announce Executive Orders And Talk About Unreleased Funds

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Moore made these remarks at his inaugural ball in Downtown Baltimore on Wednesday night, which drew a crowd of over 11,000 people. The event was held on the same night that he was sworn into office. “We are hyper focused on making sure that we are getting and keeping violent offenders off our streets,” Moore said.

“People who have not stopped spreading fear throughout the populations they target. That we are putting a significant amount of emphasis on both the prevention of illegal firearms from entering our communities and the exchange of intelligence. Right now, one of the most significant difficulties is that we have jurisdictions that simply do not communicate with one another.”

Moore also inherited a $2.5 billion surplus from the administration of former Governor Hogan, and he is scheduled to deliver a budget to the general assembly of the state this week.

On Thursday, at 10:15 a.m., the governor will have his first press conference from the state house to discuss executive orders and monies that have not yet been made public. The announcement will be broadcast live on CBS News Baltimore’s website.

However, Moore and Miller will begin their day with a breakfast meeting with the President of the Senate, Bill Ferguson, and the Speaker of the House, Adrienne A. Jones.

Their day will also include a discussion about public safety with the United States Attorney for the District of Maryland, Erek Barron, and the Attorney General of Maryland, Anthony Brown. This meeting will be followed by their very first cabinet meeting. Moore will mark his first full day in office with a ceremonial shoe polish in the State House at ten in the morning. This event will take place on the first floor of the building.

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