Wembley Stadium's Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert
Wembley Stadium's Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert

How Wembley Stadium Will Arrange Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert?

Here you will read about how Wembley Stadium will arrange Taylor Hawkins tribute concert? Hitting the stage this weekend on Saturday, September 3rd, wiFoo Fighters will be performing at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium with a variety of special guests and artists, all in honor and in celebration of drummer Taylor Hawkins.

The first Taylor Hawkins tribute event will feature performances from members of Metallica, Oasis, Queens of the Stone Age, Queen, Rush, and several more bands; many of these same musicians will also be appearing at the Foo Fighters’ Los Angeles memorial gig on September 27.

Announcing the final batch of tickets for the nearly sold-out Wembley show, the band made announcement today. Paramount’s Paramount+ live streaming service, CBS, MTV Entertainment, and Pluto TV will carry the entire event. More details for viewing the event can be found here.

The band published their first promotional video since Taylor’s death in March in anticipation of Saturday’s show.

Foo Fighters will play their first show without Taylor since March 20th, when they played the Lollapalooza Festival in Argentina. The official description for the planned memorial gigs by Foo Fighters discusses the high regard Hawkins was held by his music industry peers and the influence he had on the band’s many millions of fans.

Taylor’s massive talent and captivating personality won the hearts of millions of fans, colleagues, friends, and fellow musical luminaries worldwide, making him one of modern music’s most revered and cherished people. Millions mourned his untimely demise on March 25, with sincere and honest condolences from fans and performers Taylor idolized.

Several of these musicians, as well as Hawkins’s family and the members of his band Foo Fighters, will come together for a series of tribute concerts to honor Taylor’s life and music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, who also paid tribute to Hawkins at their VMA performance last weekend, did so in addition to the gigs in London and Los Angeles.

Chad Smith, the drummer for the RHCP, paid tribute to Taylor after the band received the Worldwide Hero Award, saying, “There’s another musical icon, a global icon, and his name is my brother Taylor Hawkins. I’m writing this in honor of Taylor and his loved ones; he’s missed every day, and he’ll always be my “fly on Hawk, fly on brother.”

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