Wednesday Ending Explained
Wednesday Ending Explained

Wednesday Ending Explained: Does It End Up With Xavier?

Wednesday Ending Explained: When Netflix revealed an Addams family spinoff centered on a snarky family member, there was a lot of collective gasping. The previous performance by Christina Ricci in part, on Wednesday, left very big shoes to fill. But ever since Wednesday debuted on the streaming service on November 23, the cast and crew have done an incredible job of bringing the cult favorite goth family to life.

After witnessing a high school bully having a testicle removed using piranhas, Wednesday Addams was sent packing to boarding school at the beginning of her most recent adventure. The students at Wednesday’s new school are all similarly socially awkward individuals dealing with the same teenage anxiety she left behind at her old school.

Along with the intriguing and complex people, the plot is spiced up by a local murder spree. But how did the show end, and were there any unresolved issues? Continue reading for a detailed analysis of Wednesday’s conclusion and information on season 2. We have the most recent information on the dark comedy Dead To Me, whose third season ended tragically and has been a topic of discussion elsewhere on the streaming service.

The 1899 ending explained(opens in new tab) investigate what transpired after the genre-defying drama; spectators’ minds were blown entirely by what was happening with that ship. Those interested in learning more about The Wonder’s real-life events are attracting viewers to Florence Pugh’s most recent Netflix release. The film was inspired by a tragic yet exciting period in history.

Wednesday Ending Explained

The Wednesday season finale follows up a few days after Wednesday leaves the coffee shop with Tyler following their first kiss, in which she is informed by a vision that he is the Hyde monster. Tyler is confused by Wednesday’s exit from the intimate moment, but she confronts him fearlessly about how long he has known he is a Hyde and when Dr. Kinbott first let the beast inside him out.

Tyler tells Wednesday she needs to see reason while immediately feigning innocence. Tyler is furious when her new supporters surround him, but Bianca soothes him with her siren’s song. He is chained to the school shed by the gang, and Wednesday is getting ready to torment him until he confesses.

The gang alerts Principal Weems to what they’ve learned, and Tyler’s father, the Sheriff, is called in while Wednesday is getting ready. As soon as Wednesday is about to begin the torture, the sheriff intervenes and arrests both Tyler and Wednesday on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. Later, Wednesday is released and the accusations against her are dismissed, but not before Tyler comes clean and tells all.

Wednesday Ending Explained
Wednesday Ending Explained

He acknowledges that he is Hyde and claims he enjoys killing people and tasting their fear. He goes on to say that his feelings for Wednesday were never genuine and had always just been an extension of his master’s plan. When Wednesday arrives back at Nevermore after leaving the station to go to school, Principal Weems declares that she has had enough of her and the problems she has caused.

More Latest Updates:

She will be expelled; it has been decided. Enid assists Wednesday with packing and is scheduled to leave for her home country the next day. After learning that Eugene has recovered from his near-death experience, Wednesday plans to visit him at the hospital before boarding her train home.

Eugene doesn’t recall much about the fire’s night, but he does recollect noticing that the person who started the fire in the cave was wearing red boots. Wednesday is now able to identify Tyler’s boss, thanks to this piece of information. Wednesday goes back to Nevermore to look for Ms. Thornhill instead of getting on her train. Ms. Thornhill is wearing a pair of bright red boots when she is located.

She goes on to say that she was responsible for all the tragic incidents at the school and that Laurel had been planning Wednesday’s demise all along. Tyler was forced to become the Hyde, Ms. Thornhill acknowledges, admitting that Tyler’s mother was also a Hyde. She orders Tyler to kill Wednesday when he arrives unexpectedly, but he ignores her, suggesting his love for her is genuine and stronger than Ms. Thornhill’s control over him.

This thinking, however, is fleeting because Tyler turns out to be the shape-shifter Principal Weems who overheard Laurel’s entire confession. Laurel gave the Principal a fatal injection of nightshade poison so she wouldn’t have a chance to act on the information. When Wednesday is unconscious from being hit over the head with a shovel, Laurel takes her to Joseph Crackstone’s crypt to carry out the rest of her scheme.

She mysteriously revives Tyler using the corpses of his victims and Goodie Addams’ book of shadows. She stabs Wednesday in the stomach because she feels threatened by her, then abandons her to die in the crypt. Tyler and Laurel can now go back to Nevermore and finish Crackstone’s mission of removing outsiders from society.

Wednesday is visited by the ghost of her ancestor Goodie Addams as she bleeds in the crypt. He informs her that there is a way to destroy Crackstone and that he can spare her life, but only for a price. Goodie will be lost forever, but Wednesday can be saved for a price. After being healed, Wednesday decides to live her own life and travels to the forest to confront Crackstone.

Tyler discovers her while she is on her mission and attempts to kill her, but Enid arrives with the ability to fight Tyler thanks to the blood moon. However, Tyler starts to edge out the battle, so it’s not enough. During the battle, his father, the Sheriff, shows in and is forced to confront the man his son has become. He shoots him to put an end to the altercation with Enid. Tyler is knocked out and reverts to human form with the bullet.

As Crackstone starts to attack Nevermore, Wednesday shows up to confront him, as foretold previously in the series. Additionally, Xavier arrives to assist, shooting an arrow at Crackstone, who skillfully turns around to fire back at him. After taking the arrow to the shoulder, Wednesday yells for Xavier to exit the building.

When Bianca enters the conflict, she stabs Crackstone in the back. This diversion allows Wednesday to stab his heart with her sword, turning him into flame. The following day, Nevermore closes for the remainder of the semester and sends all of the kids home.

Does Wednesday End Up With Xavier?

It soon becomes apparent that Wednesday has feelings for Xavier, but the two don’t decide to keep in touch until the Nevermore students are dismissed. Nothing further takes place between them. To make sure they can stay in touch, Xavier does, however, give Wednesday a phone. Wednesday begins receiving threatening texts and photographs of herself on the phone right before the series ends.

The possibility of Xavier himself being behind the threats as he gave her the phone makes viewers wonder whether this is setting the framework for a potential season 2. Some viewers preferred the emphasis on Wednesday’s friendships over the attention on her personal life. Even after their relationship develops, Wednesday still finds it difficult to hug her werewolf roommate Enid after first disliking her.

By the end of the series, however, the two have become such close friends that Wednesday deviates from her normal behavior and gives her new friend a bear hug. Sometimes a different element can be added than who the potential love interest might be because of the delicacy and delight of human friendship.

Wednesday Trailer

You can watch Wednesday trailer below:

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