Watch MUDVAYNE's Freaks On Parade 2022 Austin Concert
Watch MUDVAYNE's Freaks On Parade 2022 Austin Concert

Watch MUDVAYNE’s Freaks On Parade Austin Concert (2022)

The following is fan-filmed footage of MUDVAYNE’s whole concert on August 18 at Germania Insurance Amphitheater in Del Valle, Texas, a suburb of Austin.  Here you can watch MUDVAYNE freak on parade Austin concert 2022 below. In the United States, MUDVAYNE and ROB ZOMBIE headlined a tour together dubbed “Freaks On Parade,” which included this concert.

MUDVAYNE‘s setlist was as follows:

  • Dig
  • Under My Skin
  • -1
  • Severed
  • Death Blooms
  • Internal Primates Forever
  • Determined
  • Not Falling
  • Nothing To Gein
  • Dull Boy
  • World So Cold
  • Happy?

The 21-city “Freaks On Parade” tour, produced by Live Nation, began on July 20 at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights and made stops in Tampa, Holmdel, and Tinley Park, and more before concluding on August 21 at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands. STATIC-X and POWERMAN 5000 will be there to back you up on your journey.

It happened at their show in Tampa, Florida on July 26 and Chad Gray, the band’s lead singer, fell from the stage. This occurred as Gray and his bandmates were performing “Not Falling” at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.

Gray called the irony of his falling off the stage while performing “Not Falling” “crazy” and “unbelievable” a few days after the incident. While making an appearance on the Twitch channel of DWPresents, “The Gunz Club” show on SiriusXM, hosted by his wife Shannon Gunz, he exclaimed, “It’s great. Actually, it is the case. C’mon. To have this occur during the song “Not Falling” is a sick joke. It’s beyond belief.”


Gray claims that the fall was as quick as it appeared in the several fan-filmed videos that have gone viral online. The speed with which it occurred was identical to the speed with which his chest had slammed with the top of the barricade, he said. “Fuck, I needed to urinate so badly. Honestly, there was a lot of pain.”

Gray addressed the public and media’s reaction to his defeat thus far, saying: “The fans and audience members who were there or who have seen these shows and are ecstatic about everything have been so fucking radical in their support, it’s insane. Friends are the ones that have been giving me the most fuckshit. The fucking memes my fucking pals have been sending me have been blowing my mind. I said to myself, “Hey, you know what? The hell with you.”

Gray revealed “the complete truth” about what had happened in a video statement he posted to Instagram on July 28. In part, the musician, who is 50 years old, said: “It’s not like I stepped out there, tripped on a banana peel, and fell into the audience, I swear to god. My plan all along was to confront you directly, lay on top of you, lean into you, scream, and hear your angry response. Being able to connect on such a personal level with the audience is a highlight of every event I play.

“It turned out that… In order to get my foot on top of the barricade, I walk to the downstage edge of the stage and step across. When I’m performing on stage, I’m already five feet from the ground due to the height of the platform I’m standing on. That means it’s most likely between four and five feet in height. When I took a step outside, the mob surged forward and knocked my foot over to the side, sending it crashing to the ground.

That was fucking horrible, Gray said, “It was tough, but we made it, and I made it through. Now into my second day. Here’s to hoping this is the worst of it. I’m anticipating a couple of days of muscle fatigue, much like what one may experience after weight training.

My ribs are still intact, though, so that’s excellent news. If this tour ended right now, I’d be f*cking crushed; for the past two and a half years, all I’ve wanted to do is reunite with my f*cking heavy metal family across the country and, one day, the world.”

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