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Virginia’s Governor Elections Could Swing Either Way For The Democrats And Republicans

A close eye is being maintained on who is elected as the Governor of Virginia, an important electoral seat currently being battled for between Glen Youngkin a businessman fielding for the Republicans, and Former Democratic Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe.

It shall be seen as a testament to the performance appraisal of the Biden administration 1 year into the Office. Historically over 40 years, the White House incumbent gets defeated in Virginia’s governor’s election subsequently, but McAuliffe broke the pattern in 2013.

He had maintained a slight numerical advantage over his opponent in public polls, even after kick-starting the campaign a little later.

Youngkin, despite being a Republican has adopted an approach that does not directly leave him aligned with Trump’s ideology in the eyes of the voter, which is why he is a tough contender as he is seen more like a moderate.

A voter said that he doesn’t think Youngkin is “much of a Trumpite.”, He further added, “He’s a conservative Republican and at this point in history you cannot be a Republican and not bend the knee to Trump, or you won’t get elected,” he told media outside of a polling center.

“So everyone does it… but [Youngkin’s] got more in common with Mitt Romney than he does with Donald Trump.”

This event is seen as a covert race between the current and Former President Trump, or at least this is what some democrat supporters are trying to project it as.

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“A lot of my Republican friends, they feel like if they win this election that they were right about what happened in 2020,” said Rodriguez, who didn’t vote in the 2016 presidential election but voted for Mr. Biden in 2020. “They’ll feel very enthusiastic going into the 2022 election.”, said a Democrat voter.

The result of the election is expected later on Tuesday or early Wednesday. Day of counting is set for November 5.

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