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Virginia Elects Republican Youngkin As Governor As Democrats Still Play The ‘Trump Card’

All eyes were glued to Virginia’s Governor election, as it was being considered a statement from the people shadowing their opinion of Former President Trump and incumbent President. The Republican candidate, Glen Youngkin managed to defeat a heavy-weight Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, who has previously even held the office of Governor of Virginia.

What was predicted to be a tight race by political Pundits and even a former Governor was inclining towards McAuliffe, the will of the people proved them wrong as the Republican secured a comfortable victory.

“Youngkin’s victory in Virginia should serve as a wake-up call to Democrats everywhere that an epic wave is on the way,” believes John Ashbrook, a Republican strategist. He also opined that “voters are clearly dissatisfied with the direction our country is headed and they’re prepared to exercise their right to change it.”

The Democrats wanted to sway the polls riding on an Anti-Trump wave and did not have a more comprehensive story to sell or persuade the masses. Supporters of McAuliffe were all almost naturally pitted against Trump, but the election was against Youngkin and not Trump.

Whereas Youngkin managed to distance himself personally from Trump, focusing on his own policies, and especially being vocal on issues like the economy and education. He continued to keep the Republicans engaged, as well as raise awareness, which led to a large number of votes falling his way from conservative remote counties, they also targeted suburban audiences by spreading a message to prevent racial discrimination and tackle its bias in the school curriculum.

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The success of this campaign will pave the way for the other upcoming elections for the Republicans. The dropping of approval ratings for Joe Biden is also predicted to have an impact on the upcoming polls of New Jersey, New York, and other places.
“It’s time to hit the panic button because the base is not motivated,” said Cornell Belcher a Democratic supporter, calling the loss “catastrophic” for the party.

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