Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date
Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date

Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date: Who Would Be Back for Season 3?

Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date: Naturally, after the dramatic conclusion of Van der Valk season 2, thoughts shift to the future and prospective follow-up seasons. The good news is that filming for Van der Valk season 3 has already begun in Amsterdam. “We are glad to reveal some good news for Van der Valk fans. Season 3 has already been recorded on location in Amsterdam and will return to your screens next year,” executive producer Michele Buck stated.

Whether the third season will include three episodes, like seasons one and two, or more. There should be plenty of content left over from the initial 32 episodes of Nicolas Freeling’s book series adaption. Fans may also wonder if Marc Warren, Maimie McCoy, and the rest of the cast will return to the ITV crime drama with an Amsterdam setting.

Has Van Der Valk Been Renewed for Season 3?

Season 3 of Van der Valk has not yet been confirmed. Although ITV hasn’t officially confirmed the show’s return, things are looking extremely positive.

Before the second season, Marc Warren told the media that he would like to return “as long as people want it” and added, “let’s see what the reception is.” Maimie McCoy, who starred in Lucienne Hassell, uploaded a script for Van der Valk season 3 on Instagram in April and announced that she was “back keeping the streets safe.” We can only hope this signals the impending return of a third season to ITV. As further news becomes available, we’ll update this page.

Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date

Considering that the COVID-19 epidemic caused a delay in the development of season 2, it is difficult to predict when Van der Valk will make a comeback.

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Therefore, we would hope that the two-year delay between seasons 1 and 2 wouldn’t be the norm. If Maimie McCoy’s Instagram picture does indicate that filming has already started, this might imply that we will soon begin to see additional episodes. The earliest Piet and Lucienne will likely appear again is in the summer of 2023, but for now, all we can do is wait and see.

Van Der Valk Season 3 Cast

Van der Valk wants to make a shift. Beginning with Commissaris Piet van der Valk, the remake of the 1970s/1990s series stayed reasonably accurate to the original cast (Marc Warren). It was decided to transgender Hoofd-commissaries Halsbeek into Inspecteur Lucienne Hassell (Maimie McCoy), his superior Hoofd-commissaries Samson into Hoofdcommissaris Julia Dahlman (Emma Fielding), and his helpless subordinate, Inspecteur Johnny Kroon, into the beloved Job Clovers (Elliot Barnes-Worrell).

Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date
Van Der Valk Season 3 Release Date

However, after two seasons, Van der Vak announced reorganizing Dahlman’s Amsterdam task group. Of course, Marc Warren will continue to play the titular Van der Valk, along with McCoy as Hassell, and Darrell D’Silva will keep playing the inebriated pathologist Hendrik Davie. As does Luke Allen-Gale, who played Sergeant Brad de Vries, Barnes-Worrell appears to be gone.

The television program has announced the introduction of two new characters. Actors Django Chan-Reeves and Azan Ahmed are the fresh faces who have joined the group. Chan-Reeves, a relative newbie, will play Sergeant Li and has had modest appearances in programs including Industry and The End of the F***ing World.

Ahmed, who plays her fellow Sergeant Suleman, is a newcomer to the TV industry who most recently appeared in a Hope Street and Mood episode on BBC America. This is an intriguing development considering that Van der Valk Season 3 was already wrapped up in Amsterdam before ITV even revealed it would be back for another season.

“We are thrilled to offer some good news for Van der Valk fans, season three has already been filmed on location in Amsterdam and will return to your screens next year,” executive producer Michele Buck stated in a statement at the time of the show’s renewal announcement. To be clear, “next year” refers to ITV, not PBS, even though their broadcast dates are near enough that it is likely that Van der Valk Season 3 will appear on PBS in the fall of 2023.

However, as filming took place in the first half of 2022, the production (as well as Masterpiece) had been waiting on this casting change for months. Although the number of episodes for the upcoming Van der Valk season has not been confirmed, fans anticipate that it will once more consist of three feature-length episodes.

Van der Valk Season 3 is expected to premiere in the United Kingdom on ITV in 2023. Hopefully, it will also air on PBS in 2023, in early fall, like it usually does. The following is a complete list of the key figures we anticipate returning for Van Der Valk season 3:

  • Marc Warren as Piet van der Valk
  • Maimie McCoy as Lucienne Hassell
  • Luke Allen-Gale as Brad de Vries
  • Elliot Barnes-Worrell as Job Clovers
  • Darrell D’Silva as Hendrik Davie
  • Emma Fielding as Julia Dahlman

Van Der Valk Season 3 Trailer

Although a trailer for Van der Valk season 3 isn’t available, we’ll update this page as soon as any new material is available. You can see the season 2 trailer again right now by clicking here.


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