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US Has Excluded $700 Million In Aid In Response To A Military Coup In Sudan

Because of a coup in Sudan, the Biden-led US government on Monday refused to give  $700 million in financial support to the African country.

In order to take a major step against Sudan’s military rule, the Biden administration declared the refusal of $700 million of financial support that was given to the Northeast African country for the past two decades. At the time of declaring the refusal, The spokesman of the US State department Ned Price said the full amount of the aid package had been put on “pause” due to the military action against the democratically elected government. Condemning the illegal actions taken by the military ruler, Price appealed to the authority to immediately release the political leaders including, Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, and several other social activists.

In September, The leader of the commandeering, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan,  The civilian-led transitional authority was deposed, and many of its members were detained. “The civilian-led transitional government should be immediately restored. It represents the will of the Sudanese people, as evidenced by the significant, peaceful demonstrations of support,” Price said in a statement released after the press conference on October 25. “We recognize the legitimate grievances about the pace of the transition, but (the) dismissal of government officials and dissolution of government institutions, both violate Sudan’s constitutional declaration and abandon the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people.”

The United States Has Been Supporting The African Country Financially.

“Military officials should immediately release and ensure the safety of all detained political actors, fully restore the civilian-led transitional government and refrain from any violence against protesters, including the use of live ammunition,” Price said. “Any change to the transitional government by force risks assistance and our bilateral relationship more broadly.” It is important to know that the US has been supporting the African country financially to support social schemes which were in the use during the period of the ousted government. However, the exact amount of financial help has been provided by the US authorities wasn’t exactly known.

The US could put penalties on Sudan

In a press, the US spokesman added to his statement on the US support to the country that this can lead the country in risk along with the extensive relationship. Moreover, Ned Price said that “the US government was following the developments very closely and warned of possible repercussions”. Also, he warned the authorities of the army to replace the commands that were given after the removal of Sudan from the terrorism sponsor list.
Reputably, After Khartoum agrees to pay the loss to victims of the 1988 committee bombing in Kenya and Tanzania, the relation of both countries continue to recover. In 2020, the US removed Sudan from the US list of “state sponsors of terrorism”.

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