At The Unveiling Ceremony, Pelosi Was Honored With An Official Portrait And Emotional Speeches

The official picture of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was revealed in a ceremony on Wednesday at the US Capitol. During the ceremony, former allies and political rivals who had worked with Pelosi in the past gave comments in which they reflected on her historic tenure. The picture will be hung in the Speaker’s Lobby immediately off the House floor. It represents Pelosi standing before the speaker’s chair in the House chamber while clutching a gavel.

“I thought that this program was fantastic. It was like seeing the story of my political life revealed in front of me, not in terms of believing all the accolades, but in identifying with the persons who were presenting,” Pelosi said, thanking fellow California Democratic Representatives Zoe Lofgren and Lucille Roybal-Allard, New York Senator Chuck Schumer, and former Republican House Speaker John Boehner. “It was like seeing the story of my political life revealed in front of me like a movie,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi was the first and only woman to ever hold the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives in 2007, and Boehner referred to her as “one tough cookie” when he passed the gavel to her.

Boehner said, “You know the younger generation of today has a term, game recognizes game.” “Game recognizes game.” “And the fact of the matter is, no other speaker of the House in contemporary times, be they Republican or Democrat, has handled the gavel with such power or produced such consistent outcomes.”

“You have been a strong warrior for your party, but when the stakes were highest, you were willing to put the interest of the nation first and take the heat for it. This shows that you have the courage of your convictions.” That right there is leadership. You, Madame Speaker, have demonstrated that you are a leader by taking the helm in this matter. “And I’d come to say thank you for that,” is what brings me here today.

Pelosi and Boehner embraced one another after his comments, despite the fact that they have long disagreed on policy but have managed to keep a good rapport with one another.

At The Unveiling Ceremony, Pelosi Was Honored With An Official Portrait And Emotional Speeches
At The Unveiling Ceremony, Pelosi Was Honored With An Official Portrait And Emotional Speeches

Pelosi added of Boehner, who served as both her predecessor and her successor, and who shed tears at various points throughout his remarks, “I would have been a little disappointed if he hadn’t been emotional.” Boehner served as both her predecessor and her successor. “He handed the gavel over to me. I handed over the gavel to him. I was there when he was introduced to the public, and he is present here today.

Pelosi received a statement of gratitude from Barack Obama, who had previously served as president of the United States, in which Obama said that “she will go down as one of the most accomplished legislators in the country.”

“Only a week ago, she was instrumental in preserving marriage equality, which is the rule of the state, despite insurrectionists physically breaking into her office. He added in the commemoration that she never ceased promoting democracy both at home and around the world. “Even though you won’t be in a position of leadership longer, it will make me feel better to know that your portrait will be looking down from these walls, encouraging everybody who sees it to keep fighting to the end,” she said. “

Pelosi announced in the middle of November that she would be resigning from her position as speaker after serving as the leader of the House Democrats for the past two decades. She was given the title “Speaker Emerita” by the House Democratic Steering and Policy Committee in a unanimous vote the previous month.

The announcement was made only a few short weeks after her husband, Paul, had been the victim of a horrific assault in the couple’s home in San Francisco. Along with the couple’s children, he was present for the unveiling and was seen wearing a fedora and a glove, both of which he has been using ever since the attack, which caused him to sustain injuries.

Pelosi has shown her support for a new group of Democratic leaders, which is being led by Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York. Jeffries will make history in 2019 when he becomes the first Black person to lead either of the two major parties in either chamber of Congress. Pelosi has shown her support for the group.

Jeffries, who is only 52 years old, will usher in a new generation of House Democratic leadership in contrast to the current triumvirate of leaders, all of whom are more than three decades his senior.

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