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United States Calls For Dialogue Despite Condemning The Launch of North Korea

On Wednesday, the United States said North Korea violated some of the UN Security Council resolutions for firing ballistic missiles at sea. In spite of this, they emphasized their willingness to engage again with nuclear pumps again.

The United States condemned the launch of Missiles from the DPRK, since with launching multiple resolutions of the UN Security Council were violated, and also represents a serious threat to the residents of the DPRK and some other members of the international community, ” The spokesman of the State Department announced, referring to North Korea by its official name before the international community, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

In spite of this, the spokesman added: “We continue committed to a diplomatic approach with the DPRK and ask them to enter into a dialogue.”

The administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, said in a review of politics, April on North Korea that the nation was willing to involve Pyongyang in research.

Additionally, he also pointed out that he was sought to put into practice a much more practical approach after the unusual personal diplomacy applied by President Donald Trump, who met three times with the authoritarian leader of the State, Kim Jong a.

Apparently the president Trump had good relations with the North Korean president. During the mandate of him, there were no indications that North Korea would like to generate problems related to nuclear pumps. This was one of the many advantages that the nation obtained thanks to him.

At that time, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, said he should have won a Nobel Pa prize for preventing a war. In spite of this, North Korea never signed an agreement to completely eliminate its nuclear program.

Pyongyang has a wide variety of international lawsuits and sanctions due to the nuclear tests and long-range ballistic missiles that have tried irresponsibly over the years.

The spokesman for the State Department said he remains firm with the decision to protect and defend South Korea, which carried out a ballistic missile test thrown from a submarine.

The Government of the United States remains attentive to the decisions made by the Government of North Korea in relation to dialogue. Likewise, the UN will remain as an intermediary between both nations to promote peace and diplomacy between themselves.

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Final words

It should be noted that North Korea and the United States are two of the world potencies that have been involved in nuclear weapons wars. For this reason, it is essential that diplomacy and dialogue between both nations be maintained, because otherwise, a new war could be initiated.

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