Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date
Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date

When Is Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date? Will it Happen?

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date: Fans have worked tirelessly over the past seven years to promote the continuation of Unbreakable Machine Doll Season 2. They have already applied enough pressure on the anime’s creators through petitions and social media posts. None of the organizations connected to it have officially announced a sequel.

Current speculations suggest that Studio Lerche may shortly discontinue the series. Is there a chance it will come back? Fans, can you preserve it? So, here is everything you need to know about anime. A well-known media brand, Unbreakable Machine-Doll, started as a series of Japanese light novels by Reiji Kait and Ruroo.

It started serializing back in November 2009, and up until July 2017, seventeen volumes had been published. Later, a manga and an anime were made based on the popular LN series. After debuting in October 2013, the television anime from Studio Lerche quickly gained popularity.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2’s official renewal is still awaited by fans. Studio Lerche will need several years to create the new episodes, even if they instantly give the go-ahead. Depending on the situation, the sequel might not be out until 2023.

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Online support may be able to prevent the anime’s cancellation. The studio might agree if enough people sign petitions begging for another season. Social media can be used to ask Studio Lerche to revive anime. They can’t wait for the plot and animation to appear in all upcoming fan services. Don’t give up and don’t stop updating.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Plot

A brand-new technology known as “Machinart” has been created. With this technology, “Automaton” mechanical dolls can be given life and intelligence. The Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart, in charge of teaching puppeteers how to manage the mechanical dolls, was discovered alongside this discovery.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date
Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Release Date

As the number of dolls and puppeteers using them rises, so do the uses for these Automatons, and eventually, the military begins to use them as well. One such ambitious puppeteer who hopes to enroll in the Walpurgis Royal Academy is Raishin Akabane, who sadly fails the admission exam.

The “Evening Party” hosts an annual competition amongst the top puppeteers, and Raishin must now defeat one of the top 100 students who has already been accepted to participate to participate. He challenges Charlotte Belew and her Automaton Sigmund to a duel with his humanoid Automaton Yaya, but before the fight even starts, Sigmund is unexpectedly attacked by other pupils.

Raishin indeed rescues his opponent and chooses to seek out a new route that will allow him entry to the “Evening Party” rather than taking the situation for granted. Raishin, haunted by his terrible background, is adamant about climbing the corporate ladder with Yaya. The ability to overcome every obstacle in his path and earn the title of “Wiseman,” which will provide him access to the prohibited arts, will ultimately depend on his resolve.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Characters

Raishin Akabane

Japanese puppeteer student Raishin Akabane has traveled to England to study Machinart at the Royal Walpurgis Academy. He is accompanied by a female Automaton he created, Yaya. He is a slim adolescent with long, unruly black hair and sapphire eyes. He frequently wears the Walpurgis Academy uniform, which consists of a black vest with a golden ring belt, grey pants, and a white shirt with grey cuffs.

He also has a grey armband as an accessory on his right arm. He is dressed in dark brown shoes, and once he has access to the “Evening Party,” he will put on these fingerless gauntlets with the inscription “second last.” He is fearless when working with puppets and driven to succeed in life. He has a strong sense of justice and is quick to engage in disputes with someone he perceives as having broken the law.

He might even momentarily side with his adversary to keep him or her safe. He has a strong bond with his automaton Yaya and, in contrast to other puppeteers, views her as an equal rather than a servant. Even though Yaya frequently gets Raishin into problems by making derogatory statements about other girls she is envious of, he always tries to understand her and never treats her rudely.

His family’s skills as puppeteers were taken away from them when he was a child, and they were all slaughtered. He feels that just now, he must exact revenge for the deaths of his family members. He is determined to achieve and show the world that what was done to his family was wrong with the aid of Yaya’s grit and his strong drive.


Yaya is a Shoko Karyusai Automaton renowned for being of the highest caliber. She is well-known for being an expert in hand-to-hand battles with Raishin as her puppeteer. She has long, straight black hair, which she wears in a ponytail, and bright red eyes.

She wraps her hair on both sides of her head with incredibly long red ribbons that reach her legs and black stripes that match.  She is dressed in a black Maiden Robe, a traditional Japanese shrine garment. She wears long-sleeved gloves on her arms and a red and white sash scarf around her waist.

Despite being so attractive, she constantly tries to catch Raishin’s eye and despises him when he goes on dates. She is pretty upset with him for going out with Charlotte, so Raishin gives her a new pair of boots as an apology. Yaya’s feelings wholly depend on Raishin’s treatment of her.

Thus when he taps her on the head to show his appreciation, she is ecstatic. But Raishin feels incredibly disillusioned and depressed when she doesn’t do much. She uses her perverted way of thinking to draw Raishin’s attention because she constantly wants to be in his presence. But she always manages to misunderstand something by doing this.

Raishin is aware of her and doesn’t take these issues too seriously. Even at night, she attempts to get into Raishin’s bed by saying that doing so will help her Automaton self recuperate more quickly. She frequently loses her sense of reason because of jealousy of the other girls Raishin talks to, which causes her to act in ways that humiliate Raishin in front of others.

Even so, Raishin never lashes out at her since he always appreciates her motivations. Raishin has to put up with her mistrust and mistrust of other girls, but she eventually learns to accept it.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll Season 2 Trailer

You can watch the trailer below:

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