Unable to Schedule Whatsapp Messages? Here’s a Guide How to Do It


Schedule WhatsApp messages is an imperative one to the users.WhatsApp is known for introducing key updates to boost its messaging experience for its users. From a handful of features wanted by the users on the software.

This feature is unavailable on the app. It enables you to set a schedule for a message before time to not forget and miss sending important messages at their exact time.

This particular feature can be pretty handy to make sure that the users do not fail to send messages on someone’s birthday or anniversary on time. However, the current application does not contain this feature. 

Scheduling Messages on Whatsapp Android

To make use of this feature one will have to use it a different way. This means that the user has to download and install third-party applications related to WhatsApp. By making use of third-party apps the user can schedule the message on Android and iOS. For example, SKEDit is a third-party application for Android used for scheduling messages.

Scheduling Messages on Whatsapp Ios

As of now, there is not any third-party iOS app for users. However, you need not worry! We have another way for that as well.


The solution is the Siri Shortcuts app! First, get it downloaded on your iPhone and open it. Then follow the steps below:

  • Select the Automation tab.
  • Tap on the + icon and input personal information 
  • Then select the time of the day to schedule the run of the automation. Select the date and time here.
  • Tap on Add Action and type text from the list of actions in the search bar
  • After that, enter the message which you want to schedule and then tap on the + icon below the text area and search WhatsApp 
  • Choose the contact you want to schedule it for and then tap on next. Finally, tap on Done.

Your message has been scheduled successfully here!

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Whatsapp Away Messages Feature

WhatsApp Business accounts have its “Using Away Messages” feature to set the time for away messages to send them automatically. Follow the below steps on how to use this feature:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap on more option

Step 2: Under Business, tools tap on Away Messages

Step 3: Turn on the Send away message feature and then tap on the message to edit it upon your choice

Step 4: Tap OK and then set to schedule it. Under the schedule, there will be the following options- Always, Custom schedule, and outside of business hours. Choose according to your requirement.

Step 5: Under the recipients, you will have to select between- Everyone, Everyone not in the address book, Everyone except… and only send to… 

Step 6: Save it.

In this way now you can send the scheduled WhatsApp messages.


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