umbrella academy season 3 ending explained
umbrella academy season 3 ending explained

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Ending Explained!!

The third season of The Umbrella Academy is over, and it ended on a massive cliffhanger that doesn’t answer many questions. Based on the popular Dark Horse comic by Gerard Way, one of the bands My Chemical Romance members and the artist Gabriel Bá. The show is about a dysfunctional family of adopted siblings with superpowers. It started on Netflix in February 2019 and quickly became a massive hit for the service.

The following year, season two came out on July 31, 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. This made it a top-rated show for many people. After the first season’s events, the second was mainly about the team returning to the 1960s. When season two was over, the Umbrellas found that their adopted father was still alive and that seven new people with superpowers had moved into their home.

The Umbrella Academy Throughout Season 3

The development of the third season of The Umbrella Academy was delayed due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The season premiered on June 22, 2022, almost two years after the second season’s conclusion. The plot of the series centered on the team’s struggle to adapt to the new world they have found themselves in while also contending with another impending apocalypse.

It was also revealed that Harlan Cooper, the young boy whom the Umbrellas had rescued in the 1960s and raised as their own, had acquired Viktor’s (Elliot Page) powers and unintentionally killed their parents, causing a grandfather paradox in which they exist but were never born.

The majority of the events of the series took place in the Hotel Obsidian (likely because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it simpler to keep the cast isolated in one location), with the Umbrella Academy and the new Sparrow Academy coming into conflict with one another before eventually uniting to save the universe, which is gradually being whipped away.

After the story, the only things left are the hotel and the attached apartment. The team discovers a way to restart the world, only to discover that their adoptive father, Reginald Hargreeves deceived them into accomplishing his aim.

He decides to take Luther’s life to inspire the Umbrellas and Sloane of Sparrow Academy, who had fallen in love with Luther and married him. The third season of The Umbrella Academy concluded with a cliffhanger, the same way the previous two seasons did, but it also introduced a new hypothetical status quo.

The final episode of The Umbrella Academy season three included a lot of action, so here is a rundown of what occurred in the attack and an analysis of its implications for the future.

What Was Hargreeves’ Plan?

After their long trip back to 1963, the Umbrellas started the new season by running to the present. But they find that The Sparrow Academy has taken their place. This is because Hargreeves chose a different group of superpowered kids after meeting the Umbrellas in the 1960s and being disappointed by them (he still recruits Ben since he was not alive when they met).

Hargreaves’s plan was eventually figured out. He was an alien who needed the seven children to get into the Hotel Obsidian, which held the key to resetting the universe. The machine in the Hotel Obsidian looks like an alien console from a long time ago. To help reset the universe, it also needed seven people with powers that could be taken away.

umbrella academy season 3 ending explained

When Ben died in the original timeline, Hargreeves probably realized that his plan would never come true, which is why he became even more distant and killed in the end. Now, though, he had everything he needed and used his children from both timelines to get what he wanted. But what’s the point?

Hargreeves is still alive at the end of the season, even though Alison killed him before. Now he runs the city and maybe the whole world. He is with a woman named Abigail Hargreeves in a colossal tower that looks out over the city. On what many people thought was an alien farm, Abigail was first seen at the start of the season one finale.

Alison: Friend Or Foe

Allison had one of the most important character arcs. By the show’s end, she had used her family against them and made a deal with Hargreeves to get them back. Allison had been going down a dark path all season after she found out her daughter had been erased from the past.

This was the last step on that path. While she let out her darker side by helping Diego beat up a group of racists, her true darkness came out when he forced Luther to kiss her against his will and when she killed Harlan when she found out he was the one who killed their parents, which caused the grandfather paradox and stopped her daughter from being born.

When she found out he had lied, she turned on Viktor, the family member she had grown closest to. She was now working with Harlan to use her family against them.

After Credit Reveal in Umbrella Academy

Like any superhero show, you can bet there will be something cool after the credits. The Umbrella Academy ends in South Korea, where Ben is on the same train his mother was on when she gave birth to him at the beginning of the season. But it’s not the same Sparrow Ben from season three.

It looks like a new Ben, maybe the version from Umbrella, who was reborn in his new universe. Now that there are two Bens, it’s interesting to think about what will happen in season 4, if these two can live together, and how the Umbrellas will react to one of their brothers being alive.

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