Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, Cobra Kai, Gutsy and The Central Park
Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, Cobra Kai, Gutsy and The Central Park

Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, Cobra Kai, Gutsy and The Central Park

Cobra Kai, the much-loved continuation of “The Karate Kid,” has returned for a fifth season. Season 3 of Apple’s Central Park animated musical features Kristen Bell in a recast role. PBS airs a concert by the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. In a docuseries for Apple TV+, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton interview fearless female leaders.

Cobra Kai

In Cobra Kai Season 5 of the hit franchise spinoff, Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) recruits former enemy turned ally Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) to assist him to take down the villainous Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) and his dojo gang, who shocked everyone by winning the All Valley Tournament. His “No Mercy” policy will be expanded upon. Where is William Zabka’s Johnny Lawrence, by the way? Son Robby (Tanner Buchanan) and protege Miguel (Xolo Mariduea) are taking a trip to Mexico to search for Miguel’s biological father.

The Central Park

A familiar voice may be heard strolling across the park for The Central Park Season 3 of the endearing animated musical comedy. Emmy Raver-Lampman took over the role of Veronica Mars’ biracial daughter Molly after Kristen Bell stepped down after the first season. Abby, the younger sister of Paige (Kathryn Hahn), is an aspiring actress from Oshkosh who has been inspired by Paige’s recent success as a crusading journalist and makes her return to the series in a new role.

She makes her debut in the second of Season 3’s first three episodes (more to follow weekly). The Tillermans’ favorite TV show, Gina Tracker FBI, has a film team that sets up camp in the park as soon as spring arrives. Owen, the park manager (portrayed by Leslie Odom Jr.), is overjoyed to be cast as an extra in a crime drama. Until he sees the program isn’t doing its job and portraying the park positively.

Bitsy (Emmy nominee Stanley Tucci), who is staying in a hotel overlooking the action, is looking for a new mayor to use as a pawn in her plan to buy and privatize the famous park. The whole thing just works.

Kennedy Center to Host Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra

Art has always been and will continue to be an essential haven for the human spirit during times of war. Therefore, in support of the victims of the ongoing war, the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra was formed, with musicians from the Ukrainian Opera, European orchestras, and other Ukrainian musical groups joining together with recently displaced Ukrainians.

The Canadian-Ukrainian conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson led the orchestra on a tour of Europe and the United States. Their final performance was on August 20 at the Kennedy Center, which is included in this special. Chopin (including Ukrainian virtuoso Anna Fedorova), Dvorak, and Valentin Silvestrov’s Seventh Symphony are all on the program. Beethoven’s “Fidelio” features the singer Liudmyla Monastryska of Ukraine.

Rings Of Power: The Lord Of The Rings

In the third installment of the lavishly epic Rings Of Power prequel, we get our first look at the island realm of Numenor, governed by Queen Regent Mriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson of Spartacus), and it is breathtaking.

Galadriel (Morfydd Clark), an elf fighter, has become stuck with her, and she is not pleased to have her there; nor is she pleased to have Galadriel there, as she is eager to return to the fight against the forces of evil in Middle-earth. Elf soldier Arondir (Ismail Cruz Córdova) has been captured by the evil Orcs and must use all his strength and cunning to break free.


The Clinton sisters, Hillary and Chelsea, are no strangers to the concept of “gutsy womanhood,” and their enthusiasm for other trailblazers was fully displayed in their book, The Book of Gutsy Women, which sparked this series of interviews with influential women. They interviewed celebrities like Dr. Jane Goodall, Gloria Steinem, Megan Thee Stallion, Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Wanda Sykes, and Kim Kardashian.

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