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Twitch Sues 2 Streamers After Alleged Hate Raids Incident

After the successful streamer strike was held earlier this month to protest Twitch’s continued failure to address the phenomenon of hate raids, the company dared to file a lawsuit against two young people they recognize as criminals persistently.

Twitch initially reported that their raid feature was designed as a completely positive community tool. This allows streamers to redirect all of their viewers to a specific, targeted channel, recognizing it as an “easy way to share audiences.”

Despite this, users who misinterpreted the situation began to exploit the feature, creating hundreds of fake accounts and bots to flood other streamers from fictitious communities and harass and attack them while working.

Twitch admitted that it needs to do more to be able to deal with these issues properly. This phenomenon has become so popular in recent times that streamers organized a day-long strike at the beginning of the month to protest against the lack of action on the part of the company.Twitch sued two hate raiders after streamers strike was introduced

Following the strike, the company stated that they were “working hard to improve channel-level ban evasion detection and additional account enhancements to help make Twitch a safer place for creators.”

Now it turns out that the company took a step further, daring to sue two people of unknown origin, whom it recognizes as criminals.

The company stated that they have broken their terms of service by persistently targeting marginalized streamers by “flooding their chats with Twitch accounts powered by bots spewing racist, sexist and homophobic content and language.”

Likewise, Twitch declares that it was in charge of taking quick action against the defendants, who are known as CreatineOverdose and CruzzControl, within the social network of streamers, and believe that they are from Australia and the Netherlands;

They were in charge of suspending their accounts and permanently banning them from accessing them.

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Despite this, both rejected any liability for these actions and took it upon themselves to create new alternative Twitch accounts “and continually alter their self-described ‘hate raid code’ to avoid detection and suspension.”

Twitch said that if they are not stopped, they will continue to harass and disrupt the community.

Final words

The company Twitch is in charge of seeking a court order that allows them to legally bind them to prevent the defendants from continuing to use their services and smear their name while helping others to participate in hate raids.

And also require them to make restitution of damages, including inductive relief, compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorney’s fees, costs, and other equitable or monetary remedies.

Additionally, Twitch stated that their complaint “would shed light on the identity of the people behind these attacks and the tools they exploit, discourage them from bringing similar behavior to other services, and help put an end to these vile attacks against members of our community. “

It only remains to be seen whether his strategy will be as successful as expected.



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