Trump’s Legal Aides Ordered To Pay $175,000 For A Lawsuit Challenging 2020’s Election Results

Nine lawyers who had been working with former President Trump, have been reprimanded by the courts for abusing the court system and wasting their time by filing futile cases, such as challenging the 2020 Election Results. The amount is to go towards Detroit and Michigan.

The costs are to be borne within 30 days, which include the costs of defending in the case summing to more than 153,000 for the city and the rest will go towards the state.

U.S. District Judge Linda Parker had accepted imposing sanctions back in August itself. The cavalcade includes lawyers like Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, and seven other lawyers who partook in the case where 6 Republicans felt there was illegitimacy in the victory of President Joe Biden, even when the margin was 154,000 votes.

“Plaintiffs’ attorneys, many of whom seek donations from the public to fund lawsuits like this one … have the ability to pay this sanction,” Parker wrote. She had earlier ordered for the lawyers to return back to books and undergo 12 hours of legal lectures, half of which would be dedicated to studying the election law.

The Democrats do not wish to stop here, as they intend to get all lawyers disbarred, and prevented from practicing law. Although all lawyers except Powell are registered and admitted to practice in Michigan, she is licensed in Texas. This move is also endorsed by Governor Whitner, Attorney General Dana Nassel, and the Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson.

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“There are consequences to filing meritless lawsuits to grab media attention and mislead Americans,” Benson, the state’s chief election official, said in a statement. “The sanctions awarded in this case are a testament to that, even if the dollar amounts pale in comparison to the damage that’s already been done to our nation’s democracy.”

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