Trump’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Reveals The Former Prez Was COVID Positive Right Before The Presidential Debate

Trump’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Reveals The Former Prez Was COVID Positive Right Before The Presidential Debate

A leading newspaper recently received a copy of The Chief’s Chief which is authored by Mark Meadows, and the claim that the book made, threw people off the bus.

The book claimed that Donald Trump had contracted covid-19 just three days before his first Presidential debate against Joe Biden, which took place on September 29th, 2020. This potentially endangered a bevy of people towards the virus, including the elite who would have possibly interacted with him in close proximity.

Meadows reminisced Trump taking off on a helicopter from the White House lawn on Sept. 26 to reach a rally taking place in Pennsylvania shortly after attending the Supreme Court confirmation event—now known to have been a super-spreader event.

He further recollected the White House’s doctor frantically calling upon, as the Helicopter departed, “Stop the president from leaving,” As told to Meadows. “He just tested positive for COVID.”

The reply to that included certain curses, Meadow recalls, “Mr President… I’ve got some bad news. You’ve tested positive for COVID-19.” He writes Trump’s reply “rhyme[d] with ‘Oh spit, you’ve gotta be trucking lidding me.’”

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However, the re-test was taken by the former President, which would have painted a more accurate picture, whereby the result was negative. To not cause any situation of panic, they considered the retest an affirmation, that there is not much to be divulged here.

Speaking from his own point of view, Meadows said, “I didn’t want to take any unnecessary risks… but I also didn’t want to alarm the public if there was nothing to worry about—which according to the new, much more accurate test, there was not.”

The debate was being hosted by Chris Wallace of Fox News, who recalled that the former President was not tested on the night of the debate, since he had arrived late at the scene. It was only shortly after that he declared that he had tested positive for the virus on October 2nd  post which he was hospitalized.

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