At The Second Anniversary Of The January 6 Incident, Trump Was Sued For Wrongful Death
At The Second Anniversary Of The January 6 Incident, Trump Was Sued For Wrongful Death

At The Second Anniversary Of The January 6 Incident, Trump Was Sued For Wrongful Death

The spouse of a United States Capitol Police officer who passed away a day after the incident on January 6, 2021 has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Donald Trump.

In the lawsuit that was filed on Thursday, it is stated that Donald Trump “deliberately incited” the crowd that attacked Brian Sicknick. On the occasion of the second anniversary of the riots, the Capitol grounds have been subject to increased police presence.

The FBI believes there are still more suspects out there, despite the fact that hundreds have already been found guilty. More than three hundred individuals who committed acts of violence on that day have not yet been identified, according to the federal police.

One of them is the guy who, the night before the riots, was responsible for placing pipe bombs outside the headquarters of the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced on Wednesday that they will provide a reward of $500,000 (£420,730) to anyone who provides information that leads to the capture of the suspect.

The riot that broke out in the United States Capitol two years ago occurred while Congress was certifying that President Joe Biden had won the election in 2020.

After hearing a speech by Mr. Trump, who had been giving the address at a rally located one mile away from the Capitol grounds, the mob stormed the Capitol. During his speech, Donald Trump made allegations of electoral fraud and urged Mike Pence, who was serving as Vice President at the time, to challenge the results.

During the speech, Mr. Trump announced that the group would be “walking down to the Capitol.” If you don’t put up a hell of a fight, you’re not going to have a country to call your own anymore.

During the same speech, he instructed the audience to “make their opinions heard in a peaceful and patriotic manner.” Mr. Biden referred to the events of January 6 as a “inflection moment” in the history of the United States of America while speaking at a remembrance event held on Thursday at the White House.

He stated, “I find it difficult to imagine that something like this could take place in the United States.” Mr. Biden continued by saying, “January 6 is a warning that there is nothing assured about our democracy.”

At The Second Anniversary Of The January 6 Incident, Trump Was Sued For Wrongful Death
At The Second Anniversary Of The January 6 Incident, Trump Was Sued For Wrongful Death

“Wrongful Death”

During the chaos caused by the rioting, a police officer accidentally shot and killed a woman. Other people who were on the grounds of the Capitol building that day all passed away from natural causes.

One of them was Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who passed away a day after the riots following a series of strokes. He was one of the people who died as a result of the riots. Even though Mr. Sicknick did not sustain any injuries during the incident, his family has filed a lawsuit on Thursday alleging that the violent crowd played a part in his passing.

His family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Mr. Trump on Thursday, claiming that the former president “deliberately stirred up the audience” and that Mr. Sicknick died as a result of “the injuries that violence produced.” Mr. Sicknick’s death occurred on the day of the rally.

“Many participants in the attack have since stated that they were acting on what they thought to be Defendant Trump’s direct commands in service of their country,” the lawsuit claims. “Many participants in the attack have since revealed that they were acting in service of their country.” In addition, the lawsuit claims that Mr. Trump violated Mr. Sicknick’s civil rights, assaulted him, and acted negligently, and it asks for ten million dollars in damages.

Mr. Trump has not yet provided a response to the legal action. Mr. Biden presented five Presidential Citizen’s Medals to police who responded to the disturbances on January 6, including a posthumous medal for Mr. Sicknick, stating that he “lost his life after protecting the citadel of democracy.” The awards ceremony took place on Thursday.

Since the attacks, a congressional investigation that was led by Democrats has also investigated Mr. Trump’s role in encouraging the rioting. It was the first time in the history of the United States that Congress had referred a former president to be criminally prosecuted; the US House committee investigating the attack on January 6 made the referral in December. The committee asked federal prosecutors to charge Mr. Trump with obstruction and insurrection.

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