Trump Says That He Asked Ivanka And Jared Not To Join His 2024 Campaign For Their Own Good

Donald Trump is claiming that he counseled Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner against joining his presidential campaign in 2024 to protect them from the “horrendous sleazebags” found in Washington, DC.

Mr. Trump made public his intention to run for president in November, even though he was being investigated for many criminal offenses, including the illicit obtaining of sensitive materials and his efforts to overturn his loss to Joe Biden in 2020.

Ms. Trump, who, along with her husband, was a top adviser in the White House during the Trump administration, stated at the time that she would not be participating in politics in order to concentrate on her family and business interests.

Since then, Mr. Kushner is said to have turned down calls for assistance from his father-in-law as the fledgling campaign has been beset by a number of scandals, as stated in a recent article written by Olivia Nuzzi for New York magazine.

Trump Says That He Asked Ivanka And Jared Not To Join His 2024 Campaign For Their Own Good
Trump Says That He Asked Ivanka And Jared Not To Join His 2024 Campaign For Their Own Good

According to New York, Mr. Kushner chose not to defend the former president during his infamous dinner at Mar-a-Lago in November with the antisemitic rapper Kanye West and the neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes. The dinner took place at the same time. On Monday, Mr. Trump turned to Truth Social in what appeared to be a response to the article published in New York magazine to deny that he had requested the influential couple to join his campaign staff.

Mr. Trump wrote in his signature fashion, “Contrary to what the Fake News is reporting, I never asked Jared or Ivanka to be part of the 2024 Campaign for President and, in fact, specifically asked them not to do it — too mean and nasty with the Fake & Corrupt News and having to deal with some horrendous SleazeBags in the world of politics, and beyond.”

They should not be put through more of what they have already been through because there has never been anything like this “coaster.” I’ve done it twice; the second time, I got millions of additional votes (rigged), and now I’m doing it again!

Mr. Trump spent a good portion of the holiday weekend venting his anger at his political opponents and the investigation being conducted by a special counsel into his suspected involvement in criminal activity.

Because he supported an omnibus spending measure totaling $1.7 trillion, he launched an attack against the Republican leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, and McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, who is a frequent target of his racist rants. Ivanka Trump has stated that she intends to help her father’s presidential campaign “from outside of the political arena.”

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