Trigger Point Season 2
Trigger Point Season 2

What Will Be the Trigger Point Season 2 Release Date?

Trigger Point Season 2 Release Date: After a stunning climax, ITV has revealed that the bomb disposal program Trigger Point will return for season 2. Fans were able to exhale a sigh of relief as Trigger Point episode six was broadcast on ITV after months of nerve-wracking suspense as explosions inspector Lana Washington faced a battle against a cunning terror cell.

During this original run of episodes, Lana suffered several traumatic personal losses and battled guilt over the people of the public she was unable to assist. The most significant plot of the series is neatly wrapped up in the last episode, but creator Daniel Brierley and producers Jed Mercurio have made it clear that they view this as only the beginning. ITV has decided to renew the show for a second season.

Trigger Point Season 2 Release Date

Yes! Trigger Point would return for a second season, according to ITV. Before the show’s debut, producer Jed Mercurio claimed it was created to be a “returner,” and screenwriter Daniel Brierley told that there was still a “whole world of possibilities” for where to take the story.

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Author Daniel Brierley said, “I’m honored and delighted to be allowed to finish Lana’s story. In my opinion, her future will include many more shocking turns. The audience’s response to our series has fascinated me, and I’m eager to learn what they will think of the upcoming installment.” Mark your calendars since ITV announced the drama’s return for season 2 in 2023 across media platforms at the end of February 2022.

Trigger Point Season 2 Plot

Fans will be in for a treat if Trigger Point season 2 is even half as thrilling as season one, barring the tense episode’s the somewhat hollow finale. The EXPO officer, Lana Washington, has many more lifetimes than the Cats chorus. She almost avoided being shot up multiple times within the ITV terror drama despite The Crusaders pushing her to the limit of her EXPO.

The distant Crusaders took it personally because they killed Wash’s closest buddy and partner Joel “Nut” Nutkins and her occasionally annoying brother Billy.

Trigger Point Season 2
Trigger Point Season 2

On the other hand, the criminal behind them was kind enough only to provide her and her team of EXPO experts with a breadcrumb trail of proof that would lead them to reality. The master puppeteer driving The Crusaders’ ruthless campaign was Lana’s assistant. Another terrorist campaign seizing London will presumably be the central premise of a potential Trigger Point season 2.

It is currently unknown whether the culprits would be English Flag or some other extremist group. In addition, Brierley has said that he intends to delve deeper into the complex psychology that underlies Lana Washington’s exceptional capacity to persevere in the face of heartbreaking loss and formidable challenges.

Brierley observed that Lana “looks robust and mentally tough, and that would be part of the attraction.” That was interesting, but the trauma can’t help but also have an impact. We also want to go into that personality to see whether it makes sense to look at these matters. Can we obtain any additional installments, though? Or would continue to coexist with them be the most outstanding action to stop this?

Trigger Point Season 2 Cast

Vicky McClure will reportedly reprise her role as Lana Washington. It has been announced. That’s unsurprising because she’s stated that the concert is among her career’s major high points (via BT) (via BT). “I’m pleased with it; it was terrific work. The group was great, and everyone on board genuinely cared about one another. It was a challenging shoot because a brand-new environment had to be developed. Since you believe Line of Duty to be similar, I assume it would surprise people that I have never been on a project that large. On that series, though, I can rely on Martin and Adrian to have an interview scene without me, which means I’ve had four days free.”

Being at Trigger Point every day made me feel for the first time like a crew member. I performed my absolute all since I was so dedicated to it. Regrettably, Adrian Lester won’t join her as Nut given his very early death. Although Mark Stanley’s DI Thom Youngblood’s return as Wash’s love interest hasn’t been officially confirmed, we anticipate it.

We want to see more of the deep connection between Wash and bomb data analyst Sonya Reeves (Kerry Godliman) in the future. Inspector Lee Robins (Cal MacAninch), John Hudson (Kris Hitchen), and Danny (Eric Shango) are expected to make up some of the squad. However, we may see some new EXPOs and uniform cops.

It would be surprising if Manjinder Virk and Nadine Marshall didn’t reappear after their memorable performances as DI Samira Desai and DSU Marianne Hamilton, respectively. Karl Maguire, the bad guy (Warren Brown), won’t be invited to the welcome-back party because he couldn’t make it.

Trigger Point Season 2 Trailer

Given the recent confirmation of Trigger Point Season 2, a trailer isn’t currently available. However, we may anticipate its release in 2023. For now, you can view the Season 1 trailer down below:


Trigger Point Season 2 FAQs

What is the IMBD rating of the Trigger Point?

The Trigger Point has an IMBD score of 6.2/10.

What is the estimated runtime of the episodes in the series?

The episodes of the show should last one hour in total.

What are the main genres of the series?

The series primarily focuses on the action, drama, and crime genres.

Last Lines

Trigger Point focused on counterterrorism law enforcement and praised the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad for their exceptional work. The upcoming season will be equally prosperous as the current one. Read our articles to find out more about your favorite TV shows, web series, and new movie updates, and keep up with for more information.

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