How Does The First Episode Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers End? Is Chifuyu Dead?
How Does The First Episode Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers End? Is Chifuyu Dead?

How Does The First Episode Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers End? Is Chifuyu Dead?

The first episode of Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers gave us a lot to think about. So, here is a detailed explanation of everything we saw in the episode.

The long-awaited debut of the Tokyo Revengers anime series has finally arrived with the release of the pilot episode. The new season of the show began right where the previous one ended, and there were a number of developments that transpired in the very first episode. Yet considering that it has been close to a year since the premiere of the first season, it is rather evident that the tale is a little difficult to follow at this point.

You might be looking for an explanation of what happened in the first episode due to the large number of characters that are included in it as well as the fact that different timelines result in different outcomes in the future. Below is a synopsis of the first episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers.

Kazutora Saves The Day

Now that Chifuyu has passed away, it is time for Takemichi to pass away as well. Suddenly, the lights go out just as Kisaki is about to shoot him, and we see Takemichi outside in the open as he comes to consciousness. He sees a man with long hair not far from him whom he assumes to be Baji, but it turns out that the man is actually Kazutora, who has only recently been freed from prison.

He begins to beat Takemichi in order to bring to Takemichi’s attention the kind of nefarious organization they have created out of Toman. After experiencing some strong emotions, Kazutora confides in Takemichi that he doesn’t care about his own life and that he only came to help Chifuyu.

He recounts to him (Takemichi) the conversation he had with Chifuyu, in which Chifuyu expressed a desire to return Toman to the glory days of its past. Takemichi grew so concerned with power during the time that Chifuyu was working to save Toman, and as a result, Toman was unable to rely on Takemichi. Draken, who is currently on death row, and Mikey, whose whereabouts are unknown, are both discussed in the update that Kazutora gives him.

According to Kazutora, Toman has undoubtedly expanded, but it has morphed into a corrupt organization that is involved in various illegal activities such as narcotics trafficking, casino gambling, prostitution, and money laundering.

Shocking Truths About Mikey

Takemichi was taken aback by Kazutora’s response, which consisted of the fact that it all occurred due to Mikey changing, when he inquired what caused Toman to shift so drastically. Kazutora confesses to Mikey that he can no longer put his faith in the older members of Toman, and as a result, he is ordering their executions.

As a direct result of Mikey’s actions, Pah-chin and Pah-yan have been killed, and Mitsuya has vanished. The transformation of Mikey is something that Kazutora attributes to Kisaki and the money that Black Dragon provided. But then he discloses that he has identified their secret bank account and describes how he intends to stop them from getting any more money in the future.

How Does The First Episode Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers End? Is Chifuyu Dead?
How Does The First Episode Of Season 2 Of Tokyo Revengers End? Is Chifuyu Dead?

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Meeting With Naoto

Kazutora tells Takemichi that Chifuyu was able to catch Kisaki because he had proof of the death of Hina, the sister of a police officer, which he had kept secret for a while. In the meantime, they reach an alley and Kazutora tells Takemichi that someone is waiting for him. As Takemichi gets closer, he sees Naoto. It makes him happy to see him. But everyone is shocked when he puts Takemichi in jail.

Naoto shows him the video that Chifuyu made and that Kisaki gave him. In the video, Takemichi tells Akkun to kill someone. Takemichi didn’t know who the target was, which was a bad thing because it turned out to be Hinata. Then, Naoto shows him another video in which Takemichi sees that Hina is the target. Naoto says that Chifuyu hid the videos to protect Takemichi, even though they proved that Kisaki was involved in the murder. When he finds out the truth, it breaks him down.

He blames himself for everyone’s deaths and thinks he is useless. Even though Takemichi wants to give up on going back in time and changing the future, Naoto hugs him and shows that he trusts him.

Time To Change The Future Again

Naoto says that Hina’s death couldn’t be stopped, even though he was one of the most important people in Toman. This suggests that Kisaki is obsessed with Hina. Takemichi needs to go to the detention center, which makes it hard for them to meet. So, they decide to shake hands, which sends Takemichi back in time. Naoto tells him to find out what went on between him and Kisaki. When he goes back in time, he goes bowling with Hinata. There, he meets Hakkai Shibe, who is the vice president of the Second Division of Toman.

Is Chifuyu Dead In Tokyo Revengers?

Fans aren’t sure if Chifuyu is really dead or not after the terrible thing that happened in the last episode of season 1 and the first episode of season 2. Well, manga readers know what’s going on, but anime fans really need to know what’s going on. Yes, Chifuyu is dead in the time of the first episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers. He dies when Kisaki shoots him in the head. But Takemichi goes back in time and changes the past to bring our young vice-captain of Toman’s Second Generation back to life. Chifuyu stays alive and well until the end of the series.

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