Todd Bridges Net Worth
Todd Bridges Net Worth

Todd Bridges Net Worth: Did He Have Any Drug Problems?

Todd Bridges is an actor best known for playing Willis Jackson in “Different Strokes” from 1978 to 1986. Later, he became known for his role in the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris.” Bridges also starred in the Nigerian movie “Turning Point” in 2012 and was a commentator for four years on the cable TV show “World’s Dumbest.”

Todd Bridges Early Life 

Todd Bridges was born in 1965 in San Francisco, California. His parents were actors and directors James Sr. and Betty Alice Pryor. His older brother’s name is Jimmy, and he also became an actor.

In 1975, Bridges made his first appearance on TV in an episode of the ABC sitcom “Barney Miller.” He had parts in the TV movies “The Orphan and the Dude” and “Katherine” that came out the same year. In 1976, he played the role of Little Walter in an episode of “Police Story,” a collection of crime dramas.

Television Breakthroughs

In 1977, Bridges had a big year on television. He was in an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” and played Bud Harvey in the groundbreaking miniseries “Roots.” He was also in the TV movie “A Killing Affair.” In the same year, he also started playing a leading role in the “Barney Miller” spinoff called “Fish.” In that show, he played one of the mixed-race children who lived with a pair of foster parents. Bridges were in episodes of “The Waltons” and “The Love Boat” around this time.

Bridges’ role on the TV show “Different Strokes” made him well-known in 1978. He played Willis Jackson, one of two black brothers that a wealthy white businessman in Manhattan took in. Gary Coleman, who played Bridges’ brother Arnold, was also a child actor. Coleman’s catchphrase, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” became one of the most famous lines in television history.

Conrad Bain, Dana Plato, Charlotte Rae, Nedra Volz, and Mary Jo Catlett were some of the other people who were on the show. “Different Strokes” ran for eight seasons until 1986. It was a massive hit with viewers and led to “The Facts of Life,” a spinoff show about Mrs. Edna Garrett, played by Charlotte Rae.

Todd Bridges Net Worth

Todd Bridges Net Worth

American actor Todd Bridges has racked up quite a few accomplishments throughout his illustrious career. However, despite his achievements and praise as an actor, Todd Bridges has not yet established a name for himself in the business.

As a result of his repeated convictions for drug trafficking and other narcotics-related offenses, he has spent a significant amount of time behind bars. Because of that, a substantial portion of his fortune and reputation has been tarnished. Currently, Todd Bridges has a net worth of approximately 400,000 dollars.

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Todd Bridges Film Career

Bridges’ first movie role was a small one in the comedy “She’s Out of Control,” which came out in 1989. He went on to act in movies like “The Sounds of Silence,” “Homeboy,” “Gangstaz,” “The Climb,” “Dumb Luck,” and “Curse of the Maya.” In the Nigerian drama “Turning Point,” which came out in 2012, he played one of his best-known roles.

Throughout his career, Bridges has had a lot of brushes with the authorities due to his questionable behavior. He started dealing narcotics when he was in his 20s, at a time when he was battling an addiction to crack cocaine and methamphetamines. Consequently, Bridges was taken into custody and charged with cocaine possession and felony assault.

Bridges continued to struggle with issues related to illicit substances and firearms usage. In 1989, he was arrested for the attempted murder of a drug dealer in the Los Angeles region. He was eventually cleared of the charges after pleading not guilty and being represented by the famous attorney Johnnie Cochran.

Later, in 1992, law enforcement took Bridges into custody after officers discovered a loaded revolver and methamphetamines in his vehicle. In the end, he was freed after posting bail. The following year, Bridges decided to abstain from using narcotics.

Todd Bridges Education

Todd Bridges has not divulged any information regarding his childhood or his upbringing. His early days were marked by a life of criminal activity and drug use. At 15, he started using marijuana regularly, which was a very challenging situation for him. After that, he attended Hollywood Professional School until he had finished all his high school requirements.

Todd Bridges Personal Life

Spencir Bridges, Bridges’ son from his previous marriage to Dori, followed in his father’s footsteps as a child actor and is now an adult. The movie “Daddy Day Camp” and an episode of the television show “iCarly” featured Spencir in guest starring roles. In addition, Bridges is a mother to a daughter that she had from a previous relationship.

Bridges’ autobiography, titled “Killing Willis: From ‘Diff’rent Strokes’ to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted,” was published in 2008. In the book, he discusses the challenging childhood he endured, including his encounters with sexual assault and addiction to drugs, as well as his attempts to move on from his identity as a television personality.

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